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Honda Civic's Recent Facelift Makes the Civic More Than Just a Staple Pick For Teens

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By Ilyse Gordon and Friends

Review of the 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid

The Honda Civic isn't a car you should have any trouble talking your parents into buying (or at least co-signing on a loan...come on Dad, you know you want to). The Civic is the Old Reliable of Compact Cars, a First-Car Favorite, with such a squeaky-clean history - why the way your parents will fall all over the idea of you getting a Civic renders as much enthusiasm as if you've brought home Mr. Right instead of four tires and a steering wheel. Please...

While not in the habit of following our parent's lovely suggestions, Carz4Girlz need to see the light with any Honda Civic íK that is if you love your current lifestyle of being a full-time student or working just one job. If not, owning an unreliable car can line you up for some longs days and short cash flow, as you attempt to cover maintenance fees and gas expenses that define just about any other car compared to the trustworthy Civic. (How are you supposed to enjoy a nice car if you're always working to pay it off, by the way?)

So Green it Practically Glows Neon

The Honda Civic is currently the top-selling car in America. It's received so many awards for so many attributes (Car of the Year; Best New Sports Car) and on more than one continent. The Civic GX, a natural gas version of the vehicle was named Greenest Car of 2005 by the American Council for an Energy Efficient Economy. Honda claimed 5 of the top 10 Greenest car slots, 3 of which were models of the Civic. It's so green it glows neon, girls.

The only compact car Consumer Reports (CR) loves the same for 2008 compact sedans is the Hyundai Elantra, which is about a thousand less but doesn't get nowhere near the same gas mileage. The Civic is a CR a highly recommended vehicle, noted for its responsive handling, crash-test results, and gas mileage. With a quoted 40-mpg city and 45-mpg highway driving, the hybrid is tested at getting 37-mpg overall.

Six reasons even the doubtful can't deny on why it's a good move to buy a Honda Civic:

  • The car has almost an unfair resell advantage. The Honda Civic has a history of simply doing very well for very long, so when it comes time to resell, you'll be offering a top-dollar sound mechanical driving machine íK or buying one.
  • It's hard to say 'no' in buyer's market. As the buyer, you're the one with complete advantage right now. Muster just enough confidence to ask interest rates, destination charges, and any other fees you aren't legally responsible for to be waved down or dismissed íV if denied, walk away. You'll probably get chased with a counter offer.
  • Honda's are shamelessly reliable and safe. The 110-horsepower, 1.3-liter 4-cylander engine is one refined piece of machinery. Crash test have always been impressive.
  • Your gas money funds are low. While your Mustang-driving friends are ordering water and salads, you can stick to shakes and burgers (with all the works) and not go into debt or the poorhouse over such simple pleasures. Also, you got the money to feed something that averages 17-mpg?
  • Admit it -- Civics are getting kind of stylish. The Civic has gotten more facelifts that any car, putting its current 2008 looks more akin to a BMW than your average economy car.
  • In the End, Parent's Do Know Best (But You Don't Have to Agree)

    See, what's going to happen is in the end, the Civic is going to be that guy your parents loved and approved that you thought boring, but now see is actually the best choice for you. The Honda Civic will not leave you stranded on the side of the road full of lousy heartbreak; but will in fact drive by your side through thick and thin. Talk about devotion... or a car after my own heart!