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Support the Move to Legalize Medium Speed Electric Cars - VIDEO ENHANCED

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ZENN zero emission-no noise electric car

GLENDALE, CA - June 29, 2008: There's an entire class of road-worthy 100% electric vehicles that could, if allowed, help lighten the demand on gasoline, reduce pollutants and grease the path towards the eventual introduction of full-power, long-distance highway legal electric cars and trucks. This class falls under the low-speed Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEV) category and they are regulated by law to travel no faster than 25 MPH.

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Miles ZX40S
With some relatively simple adjustments, many of these vehicles are capable of achieving 35-40 MPH, which would make them able to safely keep up with the flow of traffic in most surface-street urban driving situations…just the kind of environment that could use noiseless, zero-emission vehicles the most.

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A movement spearheaded by The MSEV Coalition, consisting of about a dozen different electric vehicle manufacturers and numerous advocates, will be petitioning the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) to create a new vehicle classification called Medium Speed Vehicle, and they’re seeking to change Federal and State laws to allow such vehicles to operate at the higher speeds.

These vehicles are not golf carts and they are manufactured to meet virtually the same over-the-road specifications of traditional gasoline-powered cars and trucks.

One supporting organization is the Sustainable Transport Club, based in Santa Monica, California. When we spoke with the group’s Director, Russell Sydney, at the Alt Car Expo, the effort was just getting under way.

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ZAP Xebra Sedan
Included in the proposed Medium Speed Vehicle category are cars and utility trucks made and/or distributed by Miles Electric, ZENN, and ZAP. The all offer two and four seat vehicles.

For more information about the petition and the Sustainable Transport Club visit