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Mountain View, CA - June 19, 2008: is leaving BETA with a major upgrade on June 19, 2008 and we are already getting hundreds of thousands of page views per month from a wide range of visitors and members who love this idea. Our goals and our focus are based on the plain and simple fact that we have identified a huge untapped market that has been hidden for many years: Houses with Mega Garages. In fact, NBC Universal and their LX-TV division in Los Angeles did a television show segment called Mega Garages recently and was heavily involved in the production and featured in the program.

One of the coolest and most popular features on our site is the Car Property Garage Search™, where you can find a house or other type of car property (we have several incredible car property categories) by the number of garage spaces that it has! Our Garage Search is really getting peoples attention when they visit the site, according to Bob "BC" Cross, Founder/Chief Car Property Guru. We have a lot more space on our servers for a lot more listings.

Every car guy and car gal dreams of owning their own Car Property heaven, or garage mahal, whatever you want to call it, but finding them has been tough until now!. helps aficionados get the super special garage space they want. How else can they keep their incredible cars in tip top shape? How else can they have a workshop that is the envy of all of their gear head buddies? How else will they be able to throw a monster party where no one has to ever step foot into their house because their garage has a full kitchen, two full bathrooms, a rotating platform to highlight their best car and room for at least 10 other cars and their guests?

At it’s what we call Car Property and it’s such a big deal that we have even trademarked the phrase Car Property. Car collectors have needed us for a long time and now we are here. For many of our visitors, members and fans; a Car Property Masterpiece Garage is all that matters.

There is no other way, unless they own their very own Car Property! That’s where we come in … that is what was designed for … to make sure that car collector’s everywhere and of every level can find their very own Car Property Nirvana. Of course, we also had to put a lot of thought into people who already own such masterpieces. The result of our insight and knowledge of this niche real estate market is found through the online social network and advertising medium that we are developing at .

With 5 categories (Houses for Car Collectors (residential); Commercial Real Estate that allow an automotive use; Automotive Business Opportunities; Race Tracks and Unique Parking Places (i.e. car condos), there is something for every type of car enthusiasts or large family. Backed up with over 5 years of research into the idea of; What is a Car Property, the founder, has identified the most relevant places, property types and business types that can be considered a Car Property. This research and insight has led to what we believe is the largest possible market to meet the definition of a Car Property. Even the Federal government has agreed that the words, Car Property, are terminology that deserves Trademark protection.

The Agent Marketing Network, which is aimed at real estate agents in their territories, is the main social and business networking component of the site. This network is geared about helping visitors and members who want to hire an agent that is associated with , because they understand their property that they are selling or they can help them find the property they want to purchase. The Agent Marketing Network is also geared towards real estate agents who want to improve their ability to earn income in the Car Property niche. We have other community and social networking components of in the works (like a blog platform). These other social networking components will be released in the near future, but for now members do get a private and public profile where they can share information about themsevles, including pictures, movies and other information to find others that they can socialize! with on either a personal or business basis. is really not alone in recognizing the fact that car collectors, enthusiasts and others with special parking needs are a niche to be catered to. It’s just that while others have taken their approach, we have decided that starting a new media business based on all of the different types of Car Properties is the best way to uncover this hidden market. What better way to strip the covers off a hidden market and to let it shine than to use the power of a great new website that harnesses the power of it’s interactivity with it members and users.

By harnessing the power, reach and social networking ingredients of the internet with people’s desire to find relevant and fun information, is on a path to have a huge impact on Car Collecting, Online Social Networking and even the Real Estate industry. As far as we are concerned, our primary goal is to provide a dynamic resource, for people and professionals (agents), where advertisements can be placed and where Car Properties can be found if they are for sale or for rent.

So, while your taking a look at what is in store for 2008, whether it’s which cars will get the highest price at auction this year, or how bad can the real estate market really get, think about and the very interesting story that it is, right here and right now!