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New Vehicle and Garage Key-Sized Carbon Monoxide detector


Carsick or low level CO poisoned? Now RV and Motorhome owners can know the difference with Pocket CO 300, a newly released Personal Life Protection™ product from KWJ Engineering. Odorless and invisible carbon monoxide gas, produced by all gas and diesel engines, BBQs, and natural gas combustion, can kill or confuse its victims sending over 40,000 people to the ER every year.

Pocket CO 300 produces loud alarms, vibrations, and bright LED warnings to increasing concentrations of CO gas. Easily clipped on to your key ring or your anywhere in your RV, Pocket CO 300 will alert down to 5 parts per million carbon monoxide gas. Built with newly developed KWJ sensor technology, Pocket CO 300 weighs less than one ounce and is the size of your ignition key fob. Pocket CO 300 provides valuable documentation dosimetry of CO activity where ever it is used, calculating Time Weighted Average, and other measurements with one button operation while continually displaying real time part-per-million digital readings. When you leave your RV, Pocket CO 300 goes with you to continue protecting in your car, at home, wherever you travel. Another fine gas detection product from KWJ Engineering, gas detection and sensor development for the human race. or toll free (877)-794-4296. Made in USA >