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CarMax Technicians Offer Time and Money-Saving Tips for Your Car When Every Dollar Counts


RICHMOND, Va., May 16, 2008 -- Maintaining your car can be a hassle and expensive, especially when the pressure of saving money counts. That's why CarMax, Inc. , the nation's largest retailer of used cars, is providing helpful advice to reduce the excess time and money that is spent on your car.

"When you take into consideration all the benefits you get from your car, maintaining it and keeping it in good shape doesn't necessarily have to be so hard on your finances or your schedule," said Juan Crespo, ASE Master Technician for CarMax. "By following a few recommendations, consumers can save substantial amounts of money."

  Here are some helpful tips to save time and money on your car:

       TIP                     HOW IT SAVES TIME AND MONEY
  Use regular gas         Most passenger cars and other light
  instead of premium,     duty vehicles are engineered to run on
  unless your car         regular gas, which is less expensive.
  requires premium

  Perform factory         Having your car in top mechanical shape
  recommended             not only saves gas, your car will last
  maintenance             longer and run safer.

  Keep tires inflated     Under-inflated tires create more
  to the pressures        friction and heat; friction cuts into
  indicated on the        mileage and heat increases the danger
  placard                 of a blowout which could require buying
                          new tires.

  Be cautious when        Hitting curbs when parking puts extra
  parking                 wear on your suspension and might throw
                          off the car's alignment.

  Use cruise control      Foot pressure variations on the gas
  on long drives when     pedal cause the engine to rev up and
  it's safe               down, which wastes gas.

  Don't use your car      The more weight you put in your car,
  as a storage closet     the harder the engine works to propel

  Keep it clean           Caked-on dirt and mud on the car's
                          exterior can permanently damage the
                          paint, which will cost money to repair.

  Check the tread on      Fixing an alignment problem will be
  your tires              cheaper than replacing the tires

  About CarMax

CarMax, a FORTUNE 500 company, and one of the FORTUNE 2008 "100 Best Companies to Work For," is the nation's largest retailer of used cars. Headquartered in Richmond, Va., CarMax currently operates 94 used car superstores in 43 markets. The CarMax consumer offer provides our customers the opportunity to shop for vehicles the way they shop for items at other national retailers, and it is structured around four customer benefits: low, no-haggle prices; a broad selection; high quality vehicles; and a customer- friendly sales process. During the fiscal year ended February 29, 2008, we retailed 377,244 used cars and sold 222,406 wholesale vehicles at our in-store auctions. For more information, access the CarMax website at