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2007 Honda VTX Custom - Review

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By Nicholas Frankl
Senior Editor

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The mighty 1800cc VTX range from Honda has been around for a few years now but despite this seeming maturity in a fast changing and ever evolving motorcycle industry, the 2007 edition equipped with large capacity and easily handled saddle bags, which you can clip open or do the whole unbolting procedure, a well padded pillion back rest, large windshield and an integrated Ipod music adaptor with built in but rather puny speaker delivered a very enjoyable summer of riding.

The VTX is a big big bike, long, wide with a big street presence and relatively heavy too. None of this becomes a hindrance once you are riding it though, even in rush hour traffic, although one cannot quite fit into the smallest spots and squeezing through the narrowest of gaps between vehicles requires skill, careful application of the rear break and caution if you’re not to leave a few kisses on wheel arches.

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Maneuverability at low speed takes a little acclimatizing, but once you have a few miles under your belt, one finds the VTX a very able and willing partner, the riding position is very comfortable, with all the ergonomic efficiency and excellent fit and finish that one has come to expect from Honda. With big tires and a heavy bike you will feel the bumps, diverts and expansion joints through the handlebars and the seat, and at highway speeds this can sometimes briefly unsettle the bike, particularly the rear, but its not a big deal and the weight of custom bikes comes in very handy when cruising in heavy truck traffic or in windy conditions as straight-line stability is greatly improved.

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The beauty of cubic inches is the ability to pull strongly from very low revs and with well spaced gears, it’s very relaxing lugging around town or the open road with bags of torque in reserve and enough power to surprise lumbering sport bike too. The only thing stopping you from chasing them on the twisty sections is the fact that it’s far too easy to drag the foot pegs, which is unsettling for passengers and makes a god awful noise, the VTX will however do as it’s told is all too happy to lean over when asked.

From the Police concert at Dodgers stadium to Moonshadows beachside steaks in Malibu, and traversing the sprawl that is modern LA, the VTX proved a fine and fun riding mate, never failing to perform and returning great gas mileage too. Pillion passengers always commented on how comfortable they were and the large V-twin keeps their legs warm on chilly evenings.

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The one disappointment, which I suppose is down to a sub par supplier, was the Ipod / speaker system. It was basically useless, the speaker being far too weak to hear when riding (even with an open face helmet) and distorting as soon as Mick and The Stones struck up anything with a beat. Having ridden and enjoyed the symphonic surround sound of a Goldwing I can’t see how this came about – but it needs an upgrade.

If you are in the market for a large capacity custom bike, then do check out the VTX and it’s many guises, of course there is some great competition out there, but that’s the beauty of it and you the rider will be all the better for it!


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