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Ken Okuyama Design at the Geneva Motor Show

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PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN, Industrial design studio and coachbuilder, introduces 2 limited production cars at 2008 Geneva Motor Show on March 4th at its own stand. K.O 7, a Spartan spider, which becomes K.O 8 with roof and fender module, are built on the original chassis with lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum at 750kg, with 240ps 2000cc 4 cylinder engine. Built in limited volume of 99 units per year at MODI, it will have unique body style and specifications each year. Future line-up will add electric motor version as demonstrated in K.O 8. Collaboration with TAG Heuer made it possible to demonstrate something in common between 2 different industries ; ?the endless quest for the quality?. The interior of K.O 7 was inspired by Grand Carrera, and is mounted on dashboard as a chronograph.

K.O 7 Specifications

  • Dimensions; Length 3580mm/Width 1850mm/Height 1100mm
  • Approach angle 14.2/departure angle 24.5
  • Front overhang 740mm/Rear overhang 550mm
  • Engine; 4cylinder DOHC NA 2000cc
  • Maximum power 240ps/8300 rpm
  • Maximum torque 21kgm/7000 rpm

    K.O 8 Specifications

  • Dimensions; Length 3710mm/Width 1860mm/ Height 1100mm
  • Approach angle 11.6/departure angle 15.8
  • Front overhang 760mm/ Rear overhang 640mm
  • Power unit; Tree-phase electric motor
  • Electric battery; lithium ion battery
  • Driving range; 160km per charge
  • Maximum output; 100kw
  • Total battery capacity; 18kwh March 4. 2008

    KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN provides full R&D services in automotive and industrial product field to worldwide customers. Planning, design, engineering, and in partner ship with MODI, prototype construction, and limited production assembly, are on its capability list. KEN OKUYAMA also manufactures and markets several products under its own brands. KEN OKUYAMA CARS releases new cars every year in a limited volume. K.O 7 and K.O 8 are the first of series of exclusive cars to be produced every year. KEN OKUYAMA EYES markets eye wear products in Japan and Europe. KEN OKUYAMA HOME/ YAMAGATA KOUBOU offers furniture and interior products.

    KEN OKUYAMA DESIGN / Ken Kiyoyuki Okuyama, CEO /

    Ken has worked as a Design Director and Chief Designer for General Motors, Porsche A.G., and Pininfarina S.p. A. being responsible for the design of Ferrari Enzo, Maserati Quattroporte, and many others. Known also for mumerous industrial design products and consultancy, ken produces modern furniture from “Yamagata Koubou“, eyewear series from “Ken Okuyama Eyes“, and finally, automotive coach building “Ken Okuyama Cars“. Currently a visiting professor at Art Center College of Design(USA), Tama Art University, Kanazawa Art College, and Nagoya University of Arts(Japan). Also Vice Chairman for the Good Design Award. As an author, several books are published.

    MODI / Tatusuya Murakami, President

    In bringing together foundational craftsmanship, art and technology of Japan, MODI plays a critical part of Murakami & Co.. With its facility and staff being capable of prototype building, and limited production assembly, MODI has been providing as world’s top services to international customers in automotive and product design industry. In the partnership with Ken Okuyama Design, customers can now enjoy its full capacity from design and engineering to prototyping and production. In particularly with its dry carbon Autoclave, metal stamping and milling skills, MODI provides a rare full service to worldwide customers.




    For the ones who already experienced all the aspects of automobiles, yet still enjoys the pure driving pleasure, K.O 7 offers the modern, simple and timeless solution of design. It stays in your heart, and in your garage, for a long time. It is an instant modern classic.


    They are constructed in rich lightweight materials at the finest level. It might catch your eyes for its powerful proportion first, but it grows in you as you discover the depth of the refinement and the craftsmanship of details; just like the beauty of mechanical watches.


    It can’t be any simpler, yet it gives you the rich flavor of refined materials. The dry carbon body and hand crafted aluminum panels on K.O 7 are shown to the viewer without any paint or disguise. You need a good material to do so, just like SUSHI cooking.


    A lightweight joy of driving can co-exist with our future environment. The spirit of Zen through minimalism brings us both extreme efficiency and the pleasure of driving, embodied with Japanese advanced technology. Also, the simple yet powerful style of K.O 7 and K.O 8 spiritually came from the functional form of Japanese sword, Katana. 200 units of K.O 7 will be built at MODI factory in Ichinoseki where samurai general Yoshitsune lived and died 800 years ago.


    For those who prefer a enclosed driving, there is a coupe module, which consists of glass windows, a roof, and fixed fenders, as demonstrated in the form of K.O 8. They can be mounted on k.o7 in your garage to enjoy the diversity. The electric power pack of k.o8 with Lithium Ion batteries will also come in the form of k.o7 when it will be production ready.