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Fioravanti presents Hidra concept at Geneva Motor Show

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PHOTO (select to view enlarged photo)

GENEVA, SWITZERLAND - Fioravanti continues the research on the new architectures of the next future vehicles that will must face the new alternative sources of energy and their stockpiling. Hidra is the evolution of last year Thalia and marries the Fioravanti’s propensity for innovation, functionality and elegance.

Hidra is a proposal of a sporty multifunctional vehicle ( M.P.C. as multi purpose coupe), with 5 doors and 4 seats. The concept is based on a general layout that lets reach notable results in terms of vehicle dynamics, passive safety and flexibility. It’s foreseen a central-longitudinal area creating room for hydrogen tanks, for a “fuel cell” car or for possible batteries in the case of electric or hybrid engine. These large masses would be placed in a well protected area, safe from crashes and low for an ideal centre of gravity to improve the car handling.

Thanks to this layout, Fioravanti proposes, for every single wheel, its own patent concerning the possibility to use an only-one identical type of suspension. A sleek and dynamic design characterizes the unique bodywork with modelled and plastic surfaces, in the vehicle’s front end we find the lights, which are luminous volumes that vary their intensity depending on functions, creating a single drawing. The rear area shows an extensive transparent surface that includes an innovative system for the retro-illumination of the number plate thanks to the “oled” technology, in the original rear bumper we find: rear lights, turn indicator, fog light, reversing light.

The big H on the roof is an aesthetic innovation but specially a functional innovation, it born at the origin of the A pillars and finish at the C pillars. Its horizontal part is, aerodynamically speaking, in a depression zone and its shape helps to keep the flows attached to the body. The frame of the big H, where acts as perimeter of the windshield, shows a series of jet that alternatively and/or simultaneously spray water and air.

This idea is the last revolutionary patent of Fioravanti and it’s called Geyser. It’s a new system for the cleaning of the transparent surfaces in every possible condition without using more the windshield wipers. The patent is based on the combined use of: nano-technology, aerodynamic, water recovery from the “fuel cells”.


  • Length : 4.675 mm.
  • Width: 1.880
  • Heigth: 1.290 mm.
  • Wheelbase: 2.900 mm.