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How to Make a Honda CR-V Even Better - Bridgestone Blizzak'

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Editor's Note: Last fall as the winter clouds started to gather in the HIGH COUNTRY of Colorado, Lori Gordon a year round resident of that great town, suggested that there might be a cool story in comparing her past winter driving experiences using her 2004 Honda CR-V AWD shod with factory installed All Weather tires, and this winter's snow and ice driving using "real" snow tires.

The fine folks at Bridgestone took up the challange and provided Lori with a set of Blizzak's to evaluate. I just want you to know that although Lori,is an experienced driver she is really no expert...but I thought that would make the story even more relevant to all of us non-expert winter drivers. And she would be able to communicate her experiences with the snow tires and tell our readers if there was any real differences at you will soon read there were many positives to using "winter tires" the way so far this season Vail has had over 17 feet of snow, good timing on to her report.

My Winter Driving Experience
By Lori Gordon
Vail, Colorado

Vail, Colorado...Begining of October 2007:

Well it seems like my new set of Bridgestone Blizzaks have arrived just in time.

Winter will soon be here on the Mountain and snow will soon be covering the roads...and although my Honda CR-V has all wheel drive, there have been occasions during the past couple of winters where all wheel drive or not I was a slipp’n and slide’n…so when it came time for a new set of tires for my gal I contacted the fine folks at Bridgestone to recommend a set of tires that would keep me going safely in the Vail winters.

They recommended the Blizzak WS60 tires which were installed today at my trusted Valley Automotive in Avon, CO and they look great.

With a thumbs up from Terry (who has a number of years servicing cars and trucks in the high country) I am now eagerly awaiting the season’s first “dump” to put these Blizzaks to the test… stay tuned for updates throughout the winter…

End of November 2007:


Beginning of January 2008:

It has not stopped snowing since December!

Whether its dumping or puking, I now know what it is to drive with winter tires on, and let me tell you it makes the world of difference. I recommend it for EVERYBODY!

The past couple of years when it was snowing I would always make excuses to not drive do my errands, now, I make excuse to go and do errands. I actually enjoy driving in the snow. I feel like I have complete control. (Ok so I am not going 50 mph, but I am not slipp’n and sliden like I used to do)

During the past couple of days we have gotten a couple more feet of the white stuff and the roads have been snow packed, and not plowed very well. I am very glad that I had my Blizzaks on my CRV, cause if I had the all-weather ones on, I would have been going about 5 mph instead of 25 mph. (The roads were REALLY REALLY bad!).

I do not see myself, ever going through another winter without these tires on any car that I will be driving up here. Not only do I feel more in control, I feel safer.

I definitely recommend them to anyone and everyone who will be in winter- snowy-icey- conditions. Be safe and let it Snow!