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2008 Detroit Auto Show: Michelin is Chosen for Uncompromising Performance at NAIAS 2008

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Delivering premier product to match the capabilities of the latest American supercars

DETROIT, Jan. 13 -- As the top tire choice for automotive enthusiasts around the globe, Michelin has been selected as original equipment for some of the most technically-advanced and highly-capable vehicles of 2008 and 2009, prepared to rear their powerful heads at this year's North American International Auto Show (NAIAS). The all-new mega-watt Corvette ZR1 (on display in the GM booth), the latest venomous Viper SRT10 ACR and the E85- capable, Z06-inspired Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS all share a spot in the stable of great American Supercars and will appropriately be fitted with ultra-high performance Michelin(R) Pilot(R) tires to harness their power and deliver an exhilarating driving experience.


In addition to the display of performance-enhancing products in Wayne Hall, Michelin continues the tradition of encouraging better mobility solutions through innovative design and leading technology with their display in Michigan Hall dedicated to the Michelin Challenge Design(TM) competition. This year, original drawings and scale models from 28 individuals and companies will be representing the 2008 theme: Smaller. Safer. Better.

  Michelin(R) Pilot(R) Sport Cup tires
  Viper SRT10 ACR

        The original Dodge Viper went into production in 1992 and since
        inception Michelin engineers have collaborated with engineering
        teams in the Street and Racing Technology (SRT) division of
        Chrysler, LLC to ensure the maximum performance benefits of the
        vehicle are met.

        Tire selection was critical in allowing the ultimate purpose-built,
        600-horsepower-driven 2008 Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR to perform to its
        full potential. Chrysler's engineering team selected Michelin's DOT
        approved (street-legal) ultra-high performance tire with a
        proprietary racing compound, developed from years of winning in the
        American Le Mans Series.

        Michelin's race-inspired tires for the street are the ideal fit for
        the newest and most powerful Viper ever offered. The Michelin Pilot
        Sport Cup tire met or exceeded every performance requirement of the
        SRT team including exceptional wet and dry handling, tread wear,
        steering response, ride and comfort- and most importantly tenacious

        For Viper owners, Michelin's ultimate street-capable racing tire
        will provide consistent lap times, superb steering response,
        confident high-speed cornering power and very high levels of lateral
        acceleration (grip) while at the track, but also offers excellent
        performance manners on the street. The Viper will ride on 295/30Z
        R18 Michelin Pilot Cup Sport tires in the front and 345/30Z R19 in
        the rear.

  Key features of the Michelin(R) Pilot(R) Sport Cup tire include:
        -- Race-inspired tread compound - provides extreme capability,
           cornering power and fast, consistent lap times.
        -- An asymmetrical tread pattern - for progressive and predictable
           handling in both wet and dry conditions.
        -- Lightweight, heat-stable casing - for powerful and predictable
           cornering power, lap after lap.
        -- High-tensile steel cords and a polyamide belt package - deliver
           quick steering response while providing a stable foundation so
           the tread can deliver ultimate cornering power.
        -- BAZ (Banded at Zero) Technology(TM) (front tires) - using
           spiral-wrapped nylon from sidewall-to-sidewall that resists heat
           distortion which promotes high-speed handling stability and
        -- Textile sidewall inserts and specialized bead compound (front
           tires) - for crisp steering response and race like handling

  Michelin(R) Pilot(R) Sport PS2(TM) tires
  Pratt & Miller Corvette C6RS

        A powerful, asphalt-hungry Corvette Z06 -- disguised in the body of
        an exquisitely designed and modified fuel-efficient racecar capable
        of running on E85 ethanol -- is the latest creation from
        championship-winning custom racecar builders Pratt & Miller. The
        vehicle, packed with exceptional levels of performance and
        refinement will be built in limited quantities for 2008 and will be
        fitted exclusively with Michelin(R) Pilot (R)Sport PS2 TM tires.

        The Corvette C6RS was inspired by the Corvette racecar that has
        dominated its class in the American Le Mans Series (ALMS) for 3
        years, so a Michelin fitment made perfect performance sense.  It is
        no secret that Michelin tires have been a key ingredient to the
        team's success in the demanding world of endurance racing, so when
        Pratt & Miller (also responsible for running the factory Corvette
        Racing team in the ALMS Series) began work on the C6RS, they chose
        the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 tire for its legendary street and track
        performance. In addition, the Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 offers the
        lowest rolling-resistance in its class-improving fuel economy and
        lowering emissions. A perfect fit for this E85-capable supercar.

        The aggressively styled lightweight body of the C6RS made entirely
        of carbon fiber, measures 1.6 inches wider than a production
        Corvette Z06 to accommodate the 295/30Z R18 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2
        tires on the front and 345/30Z R19s in the back.

        The first Corvette C6RS custom-built for "Tonight Show" host,
        automotive enthusiast and collector Jay Leno is featured in the
        Michelin exhibit courtesy of Jay Leno's Garage.

  Key features of the Michelin(R) Pilot(R) Sport PS2(TM) tire include:
        -- Race-inspired four-groove tread design - dramatically increases
           the surface area and stability of the rubber in the tire's
           contact patch.
        -- Highest Combined Performance with two distinct tread patterns and
           two specialized tread compounds - delivering the best combined
           wet and dry performance in its class.*
        -- Best-In-Class Cornering - A Variable Contact Patch breaks the
           traditional compromises by putting more rubber on the road during
           a variety of maneuvers, resulting in class-leading cornering and
           consistent straight-line performance.*
        -- Ultimate Confidence - Michelin tires meet or exceed the
           discriminating standards of the world's top sports car
           manufacturers including: Porsche, Mercedez-Benz, Bugatti, Ferrari
           and Koenigsegg.
           * According to independent third party testing.

  Michelin(R) Pilot(R) Sport PS2(TM) ZP tires
  2009 Corvette ZR1 (on display in the GM booth)

        This year marks the first time Michelin has been chosen as original
        equipment for a Corvette. But this is not just 'any' Corvette. The
        ZR1 is the ultimate Corvette-and what an appropriate way for
        Michelin to start. The Michelin(R) Pilot(R) Sport PS2 ZP, designed
        specifically and exclusively for the ZR1, incorporates Michelin's
        latest run-flat technology and provides superior levels of cornering
        grip, straight-line traction, ride, comfort, noise reduction and
        extended tread life for confident everyday driving.

        Through a highly interactive development process, Michelin engineers
        optimized the tire's performance for street, highway and track.
        Profound levels of handling and grip developed for the world's most
        demanding race tracks are incorporated in the tire, along with
        supreme levels of safety to ensure optimal performance in both wet
        and dry conditions.

        The Corvette ZR1 will ride on P285/30R19 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP
        tires in the front and P335/25R20 Michelin Pilot Sport PS2 ZP tires
        in the rear.

  MICHELIN - MICHIGAN HALL DISPLAY - Smaller. Safer. Better.

Continuing its commitment to technical innovation and automotive design, the 2008 Michelin Challenge Design(TM) display will showcase vehicles and vehicle design concepts for the North American market that illustrate the Michelin Challenge Design theme for 2008: Smaller. Safer. Better.

At a time when the automotive industry shares an increased interest in smaller vehicles due to rising energy costs, urban congestion and environmental concerns, the theme is very timely.

Through the Challenge, designers were encouraged to present innovative approaches to vehicle ingress and egress, side impact protection, occupant protection volume, seating arrangement, vehicle dimensions and proportions. These criteria reflect the overall goal of the Challenge; to design vehicles that increase safety while also improving environmental performance through smaller overall size.

Michelin received a record-number of 272 entries from 51 different countries and an eight-person international jury of esteemed professionals selected entries for display. This year, drawings and scale models from 28 individuals and companies will be represented.

In addition, three full-size vehicles including Citroen's "C-SportLounge" the Dodge "Hornet" and the Nissan "Effis" will be on display, all equipped with Michelin(R) tires.

Dedicated to the improvement of sustainable mobility, Michelin designs, manufactures and sells tires for every type of vehicle, including airplanes, automobiles, bicycles, earthmovers, farm equipment, heavy-duty trucks, motorcycles and the space shuttle. The company also publishes travel guides, hotel and restaurant guides, maps and road atlases. Headquartered in Greenville, S.C., Michelin North America ( employs 22,500 and operates 19 major manufacturing plants in 17 locations.