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GM's Bob Lutz Soars With Western Auto Journalists - EXCLUSIVE VIDEO PRESENTATION

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Bob Lutz: automotive innovator, aviator and author

The Auto Channel Bestows First-ever "Anti-Gravity Award”

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Bob Lutz, General Motor's Vice Chairman of Global Development, made a special trip to the San Francisco area on November 14th to address a meeting of the Western Automotive Journalists.

While there’s no doubt about why WAJ would extend an invitation to one of the industry’s living legends, Bob made it clear from the very beginning that he, too, had motivation for being there. “The Bay Area and Northern California is not exactly a hot bed of General Motors’ sales or GM presence on the road. For that matter, neither is Southern California,” he said. And then Bob continued, “But as influencers and thought leaders you can help us get the message out there if you know the truth about us. And that’s why this is a great opportunity for me to have a captive audience and to tell you all about what I want you to know, and I am going to seize that opportunity fully.”

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At the Westin Hotel in Burlingame.
And seize it he did, for the next hour and a half. Bob’s talk was insightful, informative, exciting, humorous, and most of all, frank; a hallmark of how Bob Lutz conducts himself.

More than one WAJ member was heard to say at evening’s conclusion that they thought there was ample reason to take a closer, longer look at GM’s new products. And to that point we recommend Carey Russ' recent review of the 2008 Cadillac CTS.

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TACH President Bob Gordon presenting the "AntiGravity Award"
The Auto Channel also had the chance to seize a rare opportunity, and so as a sponsor of the event, we videotaped the entire program and my partner, Bob Gordon, presented Bob Lutz with our first-ever “Anti-Gravity Award” for “Soaring Above The Mundane.”

We’re now pleased to present Bob Lutz’ entire presentation for the pleasure and education of our audience; be you consumer, enthusiast or automotive professional. For ease of viewing we broke the 90-plus minutes into several parts. Please click the following links to access the various segments.

On behalf of everyone at The Auto Channel, I hope you find Mr. Lutz’ comments as fascinating as we do.

Thanks for TACHing.

Marc J. Rauch
Exec. Vice President/Co-Publisher

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