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Eco-friendly Vehicles Shine at L.A. Auto Show


Washington DC November 12, 2007; The AIADA newsletter reported that the 2008 U.S. auto show season officially kicks off Wednesday November 14 in Los Angeles with carmakers pulling out the stops to promote their eco-friendly credentials.

L.A. promises 14 worldwide and 30 North American vehicle debuts during the show, which continues to grow in importance since the show was moved to November from the end of December or early January.

According to the Detroit News, California's eco-friendly attitude has made the L.A. show the greenest in the United States. "California leads the country in hybrid sales, and people here are very environmentally oriented," Andy Fuzesi, general manager of the L.A. auto show said. "It's no wonder the show here takes such a green approach and that's helping the show develop its own niche."

Along with the green hoopla, muscle is still a priority for some companies. Hyundai Motor Co. will debut the Genesis Sports Coupe, its first offering in the rear-wheel sports car segment. Hyundai officials expect to keep the price of the coupe well under $30,000.