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Nissan Concept Cars Set to Excite the World at 2007 Tokyo Motor Show - 4 VIDEO FEATURES

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                           Nissan Intima

EDITOR'S NOTE: This page contains four different video clips. Click the PLAY buttons to watch videos.

TOKYO - October 10, 2007: Nissan will present four show vehicles that incorporate new and exciting ideas for future models at the upcoming 2007 Tokyo Motor Show. The four concept cars include the "Pivo 2," which presents a new connection between car and driver, with an "always enjoyable, everywhere convenient" state-of-mind; and "Round Box," a youth-oriented compact convertible that provides occupants with a unique sensation of speed and exhilaration.

Nissan's Tokyo Motor Show exhibit is built around three message pillars that represent the company's direction: "Friendly Innovation," "Passionate Driving" and "Emotive Design." As demonstrated through the features of each concept car, "Friendly Innovation" provides a new relationship between the car and driver; "Passionate Driving," one of Nissan's long-standing strengths, brings new levels of driving pleasure and excitement; while "Emotive Design" strongly appeals to consumers' visual sensibilities.

The Nissan exhibit also showcases the company's Research and Development (R&D) vision for the future, with a special focus on "Environment" and "Safety" advances. Displays feature Compact Lithium-ion Battery technology, the compact 3D motor, and the new Pop-up Engine Hood design, as well as a number of other advanced systems.

Nissan will also display, as promised in October 2001, the production version of the all-new Nissan GT-R, the details of which will be announced on October 24th.

Nissan's message to consumers at the Tokyo Motor Show, based on the above three pillars, is "The Passion and Innovation of the PIVO 2 & GT-R is in every NISSAN".

Overview of Concept Car Exhibits


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Nissan Pivo
The Environmental Friendly Electric Urban Commuter Embodies "Friendly Innovations" to Create a New Car-Driver Relationship. The application of numerous cutting-edge technologies has resulted in Pivo 2's compact package, unprecedented shape and in its movement never before seen in a road-going vehicle. Pivo 2 employs a Robotic Agent that serves to connect the car and driver, engendering feelings of affection and trust. With its 360-degree revolving cabin, its front door is accessible from any direction - allowing the door to be turned to face entering passengers wherever they are standing, providing a warm welcome. Its Metamo (variable geometry) System not only enhances convenience, it also contributes to improved dynamic performance and safety.

Round Box (R.D/B.X)

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Nissan Round Box
Youth-Oriented Compact Convertible Provides Occupants With Sensation of Speed and Exhilaration Round Box represents a new take on open-air motoring, providing exhilaration for all passengers - not just the driver - through its uniquely shared experience of fresh air stimulation, a sensation of speed and easy-to-use high-spec features. An innovative, interactive "Play Catch" system allows the driver and passengers - including those in the rear seat - to share entertainment and driving information. The "right sized" space to facilitate communication between the four passengers. Never-before-experienced value created by combinations of heterogeneous elements. Contributing to the shared sensation of speed are unique "road surface windows," small glass panels placed close to the ground on both sides of the car, providing passengers with a view of the rapidly passing road surface, without the risk of road contact.


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Nissan Intima
A New-generation Saloon for People with a Sophisticated, Discerning Eye for Beauty - Who Enjoy Spending Time in Refined Elegance and Comfort, Whether Traveling Alone or with a Partner Intima takes Nissan's Modern Living Concept into a new dimension with an interior that invites passengers into an extraordinary world of artistic forms, materials and illumination. The front passenger's seat swivels approx. 80° to the outside, as if to welcome and escort a passenger into the car. Exterior styling that matches the interior's artistic image, with a design that combines sharp-edged lines and organic panel surfaces. Rich elegance is conveyed though Intima's arching side character line, while the crystal-like appearance of the front and rear lamps, grille and wheels project an image of superior quality and refinement reminiscent of jewelry.


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Nissan NV200
A Smart Business Tool of New Generation - for Active Professionals A substantial, rugged-looking exterior, combining a dramatic front cab with a traditional box-like storage space, creates an emotional looking body form never before seen in the LCV class. An interior created to combine efficiency and a human touch, mentally refreshing its occupants when traveling to or from a job site. The customizable cargo area houses a unique pod that can smartly accommodate a variety of business needs. The pod is divided into customizable trays and boxes for efficient storage of profession-specific equipment, materials, work gear and apparel. The displayed NV200 has been outfitted specifically for use by a professional ocean photographer. The work area is equipped with a remote control panel for a spider camera, as well as equipment for organizing and editing photographs and images while on assignment.

Major Technology Exhibits

Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) System
Nissan's new VVEL technology dramatically improves both power output and environmental performance, combining increased throttle response and greater torque with lower fuel consumption and cleaner emissions. While an ordinary engine controls the intake air mass by means of the throttle valve, the VVEL system controls the intake air mass directly via the intake valves. This is accomplished by variably controlling the event angle and lift of the intake valves continuously, according to the pressure applied to the accelerator.

Clean Diesel Vehicles
As part of the Nissan Green Program 2010, Nissan announced that it would begin introducing clean diesel vehicles in Japan, North America and China by fiscal year 2010. These new clean diesel engines will comply with future exhaust emission regulations in these markets. In Japan, a new clean diesel engine is scheduled for introduction in the X-TRAIL SUV in autumn 2008. In the U.S., a clean diesel engine that complies with the Tier 2 Bin 5 requirements is scheduled to be available on the 2010 Maxima.

Technology Features in PIVO 2

Compact Lithium-Ion Battery
Nissan's compact lithium-ion battery technology, one of the company's traditional strengths, provides batteries with twice as much energy compared with a conventional cylindrical battery of the same type - while also ensuring safer operation due to the use of chemically stable spinal-structured manganese for the electrode material.

3D Motor
Nissan is developing a new disk-type motor that achieves a dramatic increase in power density over conventional motors. This improvement stems from the optimized layout of magnets and electromagnets, along with high-efficiency multiphase current control. Another advantage of the 3D motor is its thin disk shape, which allows it to be housed inside a wheel assembly.

Around View Monitor
Around View Monitor provides images to the driver of the complete area around the vehicle. Taken by four high-resolution, 180-degree wide-angle cameras mounted at the front, rear and on both sides of the vehicle, these images are synthesized and shown on an instrument panel display, giving the driver a "bird's-eye view" of what is occurring outside of the vehicle.

Distance Control Assist System
Distance Control Assist System utilizes a radar sensor mounted at the front of the vehicle, which measures the distance to the a vehicle in front of the Nissan Distance Control Assist System host vehicle, as well as the preceding vehicle's relative speed. This combination of information assists the Nissan driver in maintaining a suitable distance when following another vehicle.