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'Keep It Cool' Summer Driving Guide from 1-800 Radiator


SAN FRANCISCO - June 19, 2007: As driving season shifts into high gear 1-800 Radiator, an automotive parts distributor has released "keep it cool" tips for motorists taking the scenic route or traveling for business this summer.

"Experienced drivers know that summer heat can increase the risk of a breakdown in hot weather and clogged radiators, dirty auto cooling systems and faulty thermostats are some of the common problems that can ruin a road trip," says Mike Rippey, CEO of 1-800 Radiator.

Salt carried on ocean air or used in de-icing roads during winter months in some parts of the country, can impact on the radiator core. Check to ensure it isn't corroding and prone to leaking.

Simply replace this essential part if it's overheating.

Tubes carrying coolant through the radiator can clog with rust, allowing destructive forces of too much heat into the engine. Flush the radiator to unclog any foreign particles.

Check the thermostat to ensure it isn't stuck in one position, a common cause of engine overheating.

Small cracks in the rubber can lead to overheating down the road. Ensure that hoses are tight and fan belts have the proper amount of tension.

Ensure that the radiator is refilled with the manufacturer's recommended concentration of coolant.

A pressure test will identify any external leaks to the cooling system parts; including the radiator, water pump, engine coolant passages, radiator, heater hoses and heater core.

Ensure that cooling fan is engaging after the engine begins to heat.