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• Fran Pavley has served three terms in the California State Assembly. She became known as one of the most effective legislators in Sacramento. Serving with integrity and vision, the former Mayor of Agoura Hills and long-term public school teacher, had over 70 of her bills and resolutions become law. During her tenure in the Assembly, Fran focused on education, the environment, consumer protection, public safety, and creating a clean, secure energy future for California and the U.S.

Her landmark legislation on global warming has become a model for other states and countries to follow. For example, 10 other states and Canada have modeled their laws after Fran's Clean Car Regulations, AB 1493, (also known as the Pavley Bill).

As the author of the "Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006", AB 32, there will now be a cap on greenhouse gas emissions emitted from California. This will help spur an increased investment in alternative fuels, renewable energy and clean technologies. Her leadership on the most important environmental issue facing our world in the 21st Century has been recognized by many entities including being selected as one of Scientific American's Top Technology Leaders in Transportation, and receiving the 2006 California League of Conservation Voters "Global Warming Leadership Award" along with former Vice President Al Gore.

• Henry Hogo is the Assistant Deputy Executive Officer for Science & Technology Advancement. In this role, he is the lead staff in charge of the implementation of AQMD’s clean fleet vehicle rules and is responsible for helping to bring innovative clean air technology into reality, including advancing next-generation cleaner vehicles, fuel cells, alternative fuels and solvents. In addition, he oversees the AQMD's air monitoring, laboratory analysis and source testing programs.

Formerly, Hogo served as the AQMD's Assistant Deputy Executive Officer for Planning, Rule Development & Area Sources. Prior to joining the AQMD, he worked as a consultant to government and the private sector on air quality issues. He has had extensive involvement with the development of AQMD's air quality management plans for the last 12 years.

Hogo holds a Bachelors of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley and has more than 25 years of experience in the air pollution field.

• Mr. Stephen Ellis is manager of AFV & Fuel Cell Vehicle Marketing at American Honda Motor Company. Steve's career at Honda began 23 years ago.

Steve has worked on numerous vehicle related environmental and energy efficiency projects including the creation of Honda's AFV department. He served on various South Coast Air Quality Management District committees including development of "business friendly" incentives for employee ride-share programs. Steve serves on the Board of Directors of several vehicle and fuel industry Coalitions and assisted with Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's Hydrogen Highway teams.

Steve is responsible for bringing Honda's Fuel Cell vehicles to market and for Fuel Cell industry support. Steve is now preparing strategies for their next Fuel Cell vehicle initiatives and Hydrogen refueling station solutions.

Steve lives in Orange County California, with his wife Renee.

• Since 1999, Edward Kjaer has been Director of the Electric Transportation Division at Southern California Edison. In his role, Mr. Kjaer is responsible for all facets of the ET Division's electro-drive activities including; system impact and assessment of Battery EV, Hybridization and Fuel Cell technologies, customer education, ET load management and energy efficiency programs, ET rates and incentives, EPACT Low Emission Vehicle (LEV) fleet compliance, and operation of the industry leading Electric Vehicle Technology Center (EVTC).

From 1996-1999, he was Director of the Automotive Division of Edison EV, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Edison Enterprises, established to build charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in California. Prior to joining Edison, Mr. Kjaer held a number of marketing and advertising positions in the automotive industry spanning over 15 years. From 1988-1996, he was the Creative Advertising Manager and Corporate Marketing Manager at Mazda Motor of America. From 1985-1988, he worked on the Acura Automobile advertising account at Ketchum Advertising. Prior to this, he ran the Nissan Advertising account in New Zealand and was a senior member of the Datsun/Nissan "Name Change" Team.

Mr. Kjaer participates in a number of electro-drive related industry organizations, including Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), Edison Electric Institute (EEI), he is a member of Governor Schwarzenegger's Hydrogen Highway Advisory Panel and he is on the boards of Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA), and the California Electric Transportation Coalition (CalETC).

In addition, Mr. Kjaer also sits on the Board of the Orange County Discovery Science Center, a non-profit organization providing science related educational resources to school children and teachers in Southern California.

• Brian C. Brooks became an employee of the Los Angeles Flood Control District on February 8th, 1966. Since that time, his work has included all parts of Los Angeles County, beginning work on the Seawater Intrusion Barrier projects, promoted into positions in Operation and Maintenance and Construction Divisions, and gaining a strong understanding of the existing flood control facilities.

He has successfully testified as an expert witness for the County in Eminent Domain proceedings, had the honor of being elected to the Board of Chapter One of the International Right of Way Association and was a Past President of that Board. Mr. Brooks also had the honor of having been elected by the General Employees of Los Angeles County to the Board of Investments and (separately) to the Board of Retirement of the Los Angeles County Employees Retirement Association.

Mr. Brooks was later promoted into Mapping and Property Management and presently serves as a Valuation Engineer II, as well as the elected President of the California Association of Professional Employees. Acting in these positions has given Mr. Brooks a familiarity with political solutions and large-scale projects.

• Mr. Bullard is the maintenance supervisor for Channel Islands National Park. He has worked in his present position since March 1982. During his tenure he has been responsible for the installation of 64 photovoltaic systems and implementation of other sustainable practices, including use of Compressed Natural Gas and Electric vehicles, re-refined motor oils, recycled building materials, water and energy conservation programs and the use of biodiesel.

As a consultant in the alternative energy field, he serves as an independent auditor for the National Biodiesel Accreditation Commission providing Quality Assurance Certification for the industry. Additional work has included instructing in Quality Assurance and implementing biodiesel programs at the regional level.

He serves on the Board of the Sustainability Council of Ventura County, as Chairman of the Board for the Biodiesel Coop of Los Angeles and served as Chairman of the Green Team for Habitat for Humanity of Ventura County.

His work in promoting and implementing sustainable practices has been nationally recognized with a White House Closing the Circle Award and he has twice received The Federal Energy Management Award. He is a licensed Hardhat Diver and Water Treatment Plant Operator.

He holds a Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Education from the Southern Illinois University and a Masters of Science in Quality Assurance from California State University, Dominguez Hills. His personal commitment to sustainability includes living in a solar powered home and driving biodiesel-powered vehicles.