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LA Auto Show; Arnold Talks, Car Companies Listen - VIDEO ENHANCED

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Ed Note: California is the largest auto market in the U.S. and has the most stringent clean car the car companies that need to succeed in the market must offer vehicles that meet or exceed those standards.

As part of the event California’s Governor spoke to an assembled crowd of journalists outside the LA Convention Center in the bright California sun(of course).

The governor remarked that when he first demanded that cars meet his elevated emission standards some car makers "whined, cried and threatened to sue us…and here we are today showing cars that not only meet but exceed our standards…I believe that cars that are clean will be the cars of the future"

To the other car companies Schwarzenegger said “Get on board the train has left”(sic)

He then introduced executives and their vehicles from the 5 car companies participating in this morning’s event.

BMW Hydrogen 7 Series (ICE Hydrogen or Gasoline
Mercedes-Benz E 320 BLUETEC (Clean Diesel)
Honda FCX Concept (Hydrogen Fuel Cell)
GM Tahoe SUV E85
Tesla Roadster (Electric)

Governor's Press Release

Gov. Schwarzenegger Promotes Alternative Fuel Vehicles at the 100th Annual L.A. Auto Show

Los Angeles Ca. November 30, 2006; Continuing his commitment to alternative fuels, Gov. Schwarzenegger today highlighted the important role the newest alternate fuel vehicles play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the state and throughout the world at the 100th annual L.A. Auto Show.

“We challenged the car companies to innovate, to think beyond gasoline and to deliver cleaner more efficient cars.” Gov. Schwarzenegger said. “These cars are the future of the automobile industry and I know that they are the future for California because we have taken the lead in environmental protection and promoting alternative fuels.”

The L.A. Auto Show is an international auto show showcasing 1,000 of the newest vehicles from 47 of the world’s automobile manufacturers. This year is the L.A. Auto Show’s 100th anniversary. Environmentally friendly cars are the highlight of this year’s show, where General Motors, Honda, BMW, DaimlerChrysler and Tesla are a few of the companies that will feature alternative fuel powered cars.

Developing a robust infrastructure to support the wide use of hydrogen power and clean energy in California has been a top priority for Gov. Schwarzenegger. In April 2004, the Governor signed an executive order creating a public and private partnership to build the Hydrogen Highway in California by 2010. The goal of the initiative is to rapidly modernize California’s transportation infrastructure and economy to support the use of hydrogen energy.

The Governor opened California’s first retail hydrogen fueling station in October 2004, located at Los Angeles International Airport. Currently, there are two dozen hydrogen-fueling stations in the state. Eventually, a network of 150 to 200 hydrogen-fueling stations throughout California (approximately one station every 20 miles on the State’s major highways) would make hydrogen fuel available to the vast majority of Californians.

Gov. Schwarzenegger’s environmental efforts were recognized earlier this month by the Environment Agency in England and Wales by placing the Governor twenty-ninth on the agency’s list of the world’s top 100 eco-heroes of all time, voted on by a panel of environmental experts.

Facing California’s population growth, Governor Schwarzenegger has made bold strides with his agenda to protect California’s environment and resources. He has set ground breaking goals in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, made a priority of taking high-polluting cars and buses off California highways and has taken action to protect the state’s coastline and preserve open space.