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Identifix Releases Supercharged Search: a Highly Tuned Web-Based Automotive Search Engine for Technicians

ST. PAUL, Minn.--Identifix, one of the nations premier sources of online diagnostic and fix information, today announced the launch of a powerful new search engine called Supercharged Search on its award winning website, Direct-Hit. Supercharged Search is an extremely powerful web-based automotive search engine for technicians, developed from over 1 million keyword searches submitted by Direct-Hit customers in the last year.

Supercharged searches have been created from the most frequently searched terms and are updated monthly, helping technicians find fixes faster. Identifix is committed to making Supercharged Search the best automotive search engine on the Web.

The highly tuned search engine helps a technician cut through industry jargon by automatically searching on related symptoms and terms, including some areas a technician may not have thought to search. For example, if a technician is searching for information on a No Start problem, Supercharged SearchTM will search Direct-Hit on the term No Start and it will also search "No Crank", "No Fuel", "No Injector Pulse", "No Pulse", "No Run", "No Spark", "Not Run", "Not Start", "Won't Run", "Won't Start" and other similar terms. Direct-Hit has Supercharged searches for No Start, Misfire, Stalling, Idle Problem and over 2000 of the most commonly searched symptoms and terms.

Supercharged Search also delivers the most recent confirmed fixes first, as these have been found to be the most helpful. It automatically provides an additional Hotline Archive section with supplemental, potentially helpful diagnostic information.

These additional archives are for the same engine, plus or minus two years on the car specified in the search. The additional hotline archive section is yet another way Identifixs Direct-Hit helps technicians find the real-world diagnostic information they need to find fixes faster.

We are very proud of the new Supercharged Search feature. Our Hotline staff has nearly 20 years of experience talking with technicians, which has taught us that the same repair problem can be described in many different ways. For example, one technician may describe the symptom as 'long crank' while another technician seeing the same problem may describe it as a 'hard start.' We looked at over 1 million keyword searches on Direct-Hit to create the Supercharged Search. We wanted to ensure that subscribers got all of the diagnostic and fix information we have available to solve their vehicle problem, regardless of how they described it, stated Jeff Sweet, President of Identifix. Identifix is committed to making Direct-Hit the best automotive search engine on the Web, Sweet added.

Direct-Hit is a renowned online diagnostic database offering real-world, proven diagnostic and repair information developed from nearly 3 million Identifix repair hotline calls to the companys 39 ASE master certified technicians.

About Identifix:

Founded in 1987, Automotive Service Information, which operates under the brand name Identifix, has evolved into the nations best source for knowledge of what breaks on vehicles, what vehicles it breaks on, and how to fix those vehicles correctly. Identifix has built this knowledge base through continual analysis of data. The knowledge base is created from data gathered from the more than 250,000 annual calls it receives from technicians seeking diagnostic assistance for vehicle repair problems; its staff of 39 ASE certified master technicians (with over 950 combined years of experience performing vehicle diagnostics); and the nations most comprehensive on-site library of factory vehicle service information. The Identifix products and services include: Repair Hotline, Direct-Hit, Repair Trac, and consulting services to automotive equipment manufacturers. Identifix' most recent awards included 2003 MOTOR TOP 20 Tool and 2004 ASA Benefit of the Year. For more information visit: