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2007 Mazda5 Touring Review

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By Bob Gordon
Louisville Bureau

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As a long time Mazda RX-7 convertible owner (1990) I have a soft spot in my heart and in my head for almost any new model from the Hiroshima based Mother Company.

Over the years I have driven some great new cars from Mazda…the RX-Great (8), Mazda 3, MPV, MX-5 (Miata) and the Mazda6 Sport when planning another trek up to New York City for a family visit I was offered the opportunity to test the 2007 Mazda5 Touring, I jumped at the chance.

And boy was I happy I did. The Mazda5 is like a mini minivan or a short puffy wagon, no mater what its nomenclature it was a great car for me.

Over the years of test driving new cars in the New York area I have never received an admiring second look, but this time I received many compliments and questions about the car I was driving … the phantom blue 2007 Mazda5 Touring.

This car turned heads and softened hearts of New Yawkers…the parking lot attendant who sees and drive thousands of cars each week and has no time for nuttin’ took time to compliment the car and actually spent his valuable minutes taking a stem to stern look at my attractive car...the engine compartment, the interior and then even opening the rear gate and examining the very rear seats…(this model driving has a third row of seats for kiddies, pets or short agile relatives, giving the Mazda5 a stated 6 passenger seating capacity.

Even the doorman of my Aunt’s building who wouldn’t notice Godzilla and Mothra facing off in the driveway took time from perusing his New York Post to ask about and compliment my car.

A very special benefit of the Mazda5 is it's well designed and just-the-right-hieght seats, which allowed my wonderful Aunt Florence (who recently had a knee replaced) to easily and gracefully get in and out of the car. She just had to turn, step and ease across into the front passenger seat…which has obviously been designed and engineered so a not-so-agile person can easily get in an out of.

I am sure that this rare and attractive attribute/benefit is missed by virtually all potential buyers out there who upon seeing a commercial or an ad for this car write it off as too high to allow an easy egress and exit for their own Aunt Florence.

The car I tested was equipped with the optional Navigation and TPMS system which at $2000 bucks was WORTH EVERY PENNY… its helpfullness, intuitivness and ease of use and programming really surprised me.

Over the years I have gigged many new cars for having non-intuitive nav systems, some that a PhD in electrical engineering and rocket science could never quickly figure out how to use…I guess when I drove those I should have taken one of my genius children along to operate and program the radio and nav.

But happily the Mazda5 system was easy enough for me to figure out how to use after just a few minutes of clicking, punching and prodding…oh you ask why I didn’t just look at the owners manual…you surely jest…

After a few minutes the sweet voice of our navigation system "SHE" became our friend and helper; “I wonder how "SHE" will route us", "what was that "SHE" said?"..."SHE" became a welcomed knowledgeable and helpful participant in our daily travels…

The Mazda5 handled nimbley yet felt big and solid and more than safe enough to traverse the L.I.E., the Garden State, and did really well on the East and West Side…and all around the town, it's big enough to carry 6 passengers yet small enough to easily parallel park.

With an MSRP of about $23 grand fully loaded this Mazda5 is a model that I have already recommended many times to friends and acquaintances.

So ask your Aunt Florence to go on a test drive with you and you’ll see why I think that the Mazda5 deserves a closer look and consideration before you make a final decision as to which will be your next car.

The link below will take you directly to our New Car Buyers Guide's 4 Car Compar-a-Graph, an exclusive research tool that will help you compare all of the specs, capacities and dimensions of this and every other new model...a tool that will help you get smart not screwed.

But as we say here at The Auto is just a small element of the decision making gotta test drive, you just gotta!

So please remember to say hello to your Aunt for me...I know she will be smiling as she effortlessly glides in and out of your new car.

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