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StrongMobile Aircar Project Press Release

Aircar Concept Ready for Prototype Development, Orders  Being Accepted

Safety Analysis Systems  Co. 
c/o Richard Strong,  Prop. 
7514 Belle Plain  Drive 
Dayton OH 45424-3229 
VOX:  937-236-0361 
FAX:  937-236-2113 
E-MAIL: _RichStrong@aol.com_ (  

The Proprietor of Safety Analysis Systems Company and its StrongMobile  
Systems Engineering Branch, Richard Strong, announces that his brain-child  aircar 
design is ready for prototype development. The former Mensan, a retired Air 
Force pilot and engineer with thousands of  hours of flying and decades of 
experience in research and development on  hundreds of projects has been working on 
it, off and on in his spare  time, for over fifty years to ‚€œget all of the 
pieces in the right places‚€???.   
The design was the subject of his  Aeronautical Engineering course at the 
University of Michigan back in 1963 and has evolved over time to  be a viable 
flyable automobile concept. His latest effort was building and  exhibiting a 
full-size mockup model at the Experimental Aircraft Association‚€™s  AirVenture 
The work is developing an aircar system that can carry  people safely and 
easily from door-to-door on frequent medium-range trips, such  as routine 
regional business travel. The Magic Dragon design is of a single-unit  vehicle that 
can be operated either as an automobile or as an airplane, with  automatic ‚€˜
push-button‚€™ transformation, just like magic.  StrongMobile Magic Dragons will 
have a  payload of a driver-pilot and either one passenger or three passengers 
and  baggage, or an equal amount of cargo or equipment. Flight performance is  
estimated to compare favorably with current lightplanes or airliners, on a  
door-to-door basis. 
The StrongMobile Magic Dragon design has five unique and  distinctive 
1. The auto-style, lifting body -fuselage will provide a  significant amount 
of lift in flight; 
2. While transforming to road mode, the rear streamlined  fairing will be 
flipped down to show the license and lamps and act as a  bumper; 
3. The ducted fan will provide quieter thrust for  flight.  The fan jet will 
blow onto  the wing root to boost the lift.; 
4. The wings have spoiler ailerons for coordinated  turning and full-span 
slotted flaps and slats for more safety and  lift; 
5. While transforming to road mode, the wing will fold  the tips and swing 
into the body and the horizontal tail tips also fold down to  fit within the 
allowed width. 
The inventor believes that use of the design may lead to  thousands of 
operators avoiding millions of hours of wasted  ‚€˜windshield time‚€™ on the highways 
or changing modes. This time could be used for  more profitable activities, 
such as expanding the business region.  You may expect to see a  billion-dollar 
industry within a decade from start-up.   
Those who wish to reserve a  position for their StrongMobile on the 
production schedule, may make a  non-refundable deposit of $19,000 minimum. Deposits 
will be put into escrow  accounts as certificates of deposit until 100 are 
received or until the end of  2007. If 100 deposits are not received by the end of 
2007, then those that have  been received will be returned to the depositors. 
Given the usual schedule  required for similar developments, it is estimated 
that about three years will  be required to set up for production. This plan 
will require about 1,000  deposits. Deliveries may be begin in 2010.   
More information is at: (  .