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Unhappy Used Car Buyer Driven to Write

This letter is to advise you that I plan on writing to every news source  I 
can find, every Internet News Portal, and every newspaper to advise them how  
your company treats customers. If Ford claims that they have no affiliation 
with  this organization, they should make sure the Ford name is removed from this 
 place of business.  
On June 20, 2006, I purchased a 2003 Ford Explorer Limited Edition from  Bill 
Williams of Springfield Ford at 50 Baltimore Pike, Springfield, PA.   
While my wife, my child and myself were looking at the vehicles on this  lot, 
I saw the Explorer and checked it. However, I did not want to purchase this  
vehicle because the tires were bald. I stated this to Bill, and he said, “We  
can put new tires on it if you want!�?? 
I think the asking price was  $14,500. 
After he said this, I decided to take the truck for a ride.  We left that 
night, and decided it was  too much.  A half hour later, Bill  called us at home 
and said he wanted the sale. The new tires were brought up,  and a price of 
$12,000.00 was offered.  
After my wife and I spoke about it, we decided to buy it. We did, and  bought 
the truck for $12,000.00. We also traded in my 2000 Ford Ranger, which  they 
gave me $3500 for. It was 9:30 at night, and the tires had to be  ordered.  I 
never even had the  detailing done on this vehicle.  
It has been 8 days since our purchase, and the car has been in the shop a  
total of 5 days.  Both times because  the air-conditioner did not work. I had it 
at the shop on the second day after  purchasing it, and they kept it, saying 
they fixed it.   
After I picked it back up, I drove it right back an hour later because  there 
was no change (absolutely) no change in the air-conditioner. This time  they 
had it from Friday to Monday afternoon.  
Today, (Tuesday), I called Bill about the tires. He said he didn’t recall  
stating that.  Then he said that he  did in fact recall saying it, but since 
they lost so much money on the  sale(Which is BS), they wouldn’t do it.   Then, 
he went back to saying he  never said that.  
I may not be able to do anything from a legal standpoint about this  because 
I stupidly never got anything in writing about the tires, but I can in  fact 
let every single news portal, and every person I know aware of Ford’s  
Why in the world would I trade in a truck with newer tires for a truck  with 
bald tires that wont even pass inspection (barely). I would never have  
purchased this vehicle with $800 worth of tires to have to be purchased.   
I will never stop emailing this story to everyone.  I think Ford did a dirty 
trick and if  they lied to me, they will lie to others as well.    
Robert Hearn 
(484) 497-8101 
CC:   Better Business Bureau, Ford Motor, Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia 
 Daily News, Philadelphia Daily Times,  consumer, 
( , _ 
Letters will be sent to Ford Investors as well.  Every day 10 complaints will 
be  submitted to different news portals.  
My story is currently listed at the  following: 
_ (  
CARS.COM          _ 
Cars Direct 
Auto Web 
Car Buying 

How  bald are those tires?  If you take it to any tire store and have  them
measure the tread.

IF it's below legal requirements, you can get  the dealer in trouble for
selling illegal tires on the car.

Also, file  a complaint on, and your state attorney general web site,
and on  Be factual in all statements, not emotional.

Jeff  Ostroff

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