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Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals Added to XyEnterprise's Multi-Channel Content Delivery Capabilities

WAKEFIELD, Mass.--May 30, 2006--XyEnterprise, a leading developer of XML content management and multi-channel delivery solutions, announced today the pre-release of Content@View--a software solution suite for publishing and delivering interactive electronic technical manuals or publications (IETMs or IETPs) online or via CD-ROM.

Content@View provides a complementary content distribution channel for XyEnterprise's XML Professional Publisher (XPP), as well as XSL-FO composition engines, rounding out the suite of end-to-end solutions for technical publications. While Content@View is fully integrated with XyEnterprise's Content@ content management software, it can also be deployed as a standalone product or publishing output channel for other SGML/XML content management solutions.

Based upon proven software that has been deployed to support a variety of aerospace programs for nearly a decade, the Content@View suite offers a highly customizable interface, and is fully capable of handling any SGML or XML document type. It includes an indexing and rendering engine (Content@Gen) for generating on-the-fly, new and revised electronic technical publications, as well as an optional reasoning module for diagnostics and prognostics. The reasoning module reduces the number of false component removals and includes an expert "learning" feature that enables less experienced technicians to benefit from information resources available through Content@View. This module also provides automated troubleshooting tree creation from a visual system representation or an XML file, and can output S1000D-compliant process modules.

IETMs or IETPs have been in use for many years, primarily in the DoD and commercial aviation sectors where large volumes of highly complex technical information must be referenced for repairing or performing scheduled maintenance on mission critical or revenue-producing equipment such as aircraft. The information resource is consulted in a non-linear fashion as the sequence of presentation is determined by inputs from the user, external sources or events (e.g., diagnostics or fault codes). Due in part to the high level of interactivity between the technical data and the user, IETMs have been proven to help technicians find the information they need more quickly, which in turn reduces the cost and time required to return equipment to operation. IETPs, which are distributed online and integrated with other applications, allow single-click access to parts inventory and other engineering & maintenance systems, further reducing the time required for maintenance and repair.

Content@View is a proven, best-of-breed, interactive electronic technical manual software that provides advanced diagnostics, on-the-fly production, and digital distribution capabilities for authors and editors - extending publishing capabilities and generating additional value for existing content.

Kevin Duffy, CEO of XyEnterprise believes that the demand for Interactive Electronic Technical Publications is expanding into much broader markets. "While our initial focus will be on technical information that is structured per S1000D, S2200, and Mil-spec, this is only the tip of the iceberg. Content@View can provide value to any organization where the speed of information delivery, retrieval and navigation is critical to equipment turnaround time. In addition, we have high levels of interest from publishers who are delivering legal, scientific, reference and other forms of commercial content in electronic form", says Duffy.

Live demonstrations of Content@View with S1000D and multi-media content will be shown at the S1000D User's Forum in Clearwater, Florida from May 30, 2006 through June 2. For more information about this outstanding new addition to XyEnterprise's product line, please visit the XyEnterprise Booth (No. 9) in the exhibit hall, or contact Rhonda Wainwright of XyEnterprise at

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