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Luxury Automobile Dealerships Must Change Sales Approach in Future To Protect Market Share, says Leadpile

   Phoenix, AZ April 9, 2006 -- Automobile Dealerships of the future
must serve the Online Buying habits of the online luxury auto buyer
differently than today, says says many Luxury
Automobile shoppers will buy their cars 100% online in the very near
future, and may never even step foot in the dealership. The Luxury car
market, which represents relatively expensive cars and trucks that place
more emphasis on comfort, appearance, amenities, and performance, will
go through many changes in the future due to the Internet, according to Leadpile says the Luxury Automobile buyer will be even
more demanding in the future. According to J.D. Power and Associates
Power Car Media Report, luxury car buyers, or Epicures prefer to drive
fully equipped, comfortable cars that seem stylish or elegant. This
group has the second-highest share of women and the highest share of
households with household incomes of $100,000 or more. It is this
marketplace that leadpile says will be more demanding of their online
buying experience. 

Leadpile, who offers the Auto Dealership space the first ever, secure,
online centralized location to engage in an efficient lead marketplace,
says that many auto dealerships must start thinking about how to
separate themselves from the "pack" by offering a different kind of
buying experience for the online luxury auto buyer. Leadpile says that
the luxury buyer will be more demanding of the Dealership because the
Internet makes more options readily available to them. The Dealership
who "wins" will be the one who offers value added buying services like
delivering cars for test drives to consumers place of business or homes,
says Leadpile says that the power of the Internet allows
luxury buyers to shop in a way that was never before possible. 

Andrew Jacob, CEO of Leadpile, says "The Online luxury Auto Space will
become more and more competitive in the future. The luxury buyer of the
future will have totally different demands than what dealerships have
become accustomed too." Jacob says, "The luxury buyer in the future will
have to be serviced at unprecedented levels. I see a day, very soon,
when the luxury auto buyer will not even come into the dealership to buy
the car. The dealership will have to come to them." 

"In other words", Jacob says, "The luxury buyer is becoming so
accustomed to speed through the Internet that dealerships may have to
bring the cars to the buyers in order to make the transaction." For
example, if I am buying a $100,000 Porsche, I would expect a level of
service commensurate with the purchase price. If I shop for the car
online, and then a dealer says they will bring the car to me for a test
drive, it would be difficult to turn that type of service down,
especially if they are "in the pocket" on price. Essentially, I would by
the car without ever having set foot on the dealership's grounds.
Because the luxury buyer has become so sophisticated with online
shopping, this type of "on demand, bring the car to the customer"
mentality can help auto dealers ensure they can maintain their luxury
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