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BMW Motorrad Rider Training to Keep You Nimble, Steep and Safe

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Munich - March 18, 2006: Focusing on both the beginner and the old hand returning to the world of motorcycling, and giving equal attention to the experienced rider, BMW Motorrad Rider Training offers a whole range of attractive new options entering the 2006 season - including courses on the race track, enduro training exclusively for women, and special training on the new BMW HP2. So whether you wish to perfect your nimble and dynamic handling of a motorcycle in even the fastest bends or seek to master the steepest offroad challenge, the wide range of training options tailored to the individual skills and interests of each and every rider offers the best for every taste and preference.

Experienced instructors fully dedicated to motorcycling themselves show you what it means to gain perfect command of your machine in the interest of even safer and more superior riding pleasure on two wheels. Courses are offered in small groups at the BMW Driving Center in Munich, on selected race tracks, and on demanding offroad terrain. And participants are naturally also able to use their own machine, with the fee charged being reduced accordingly.

Compact Training: Starting out the Safe Way. Compact Training enables above all the young rider to prepare for everyday traffic, conducting brake exercises, manoeuvres to avoid obstacles on the road, and taking the right line in approaching a bend in order to optimise his riding skills.

Lasting half a day, Compact Training is offered at a fee starting at Euro 95.- with the rider on his own machine and up to Euro 125.- with a motorcycle provided by BMW Motorrad ($115 and $152 USD, respectively). Young riders in the 18 - 25 age group pay between Euro 50.- when entering on their own motorcycle and Euro 80.- on a machine from BMW Motorrad ($60 and $97 USD, respectively).

Advanced Training: Setting out for Dynamic Performance. The focus in Advanced Training is likewise on the ability to safely master all kinds of everyday traffic situations. Completing slalom exercises and practising various techniques in bends, the participant learns to handle his motorcycle in superior style.

The fee for one-day Advanced Training is Euro 180.- on your own motorcycle and Euro 220.- with a machine provided by BMW Motorrad.

Circuit Training: Focusing on the Ideal Line. Finding the ideal line on Hockenheimring in Germany, at Salzburgring in Austria, or on the Nordschleife of Nürburgring - BMW Motorrad Circuit Training offers you the right opportunity for such a wonderful experience. In the process the focus is primarily not on speed, but rather on safe riding, following the ideal line. Depending on the track and course offered, prices range from Euro 380.- to 995.-per person.

Enduro Training: Fully Prepared for Every Challenge. BMW Enduro Training is intende for both the beginner and the experienced rider. Depending on their personal interests and individual skills, participants are able to enhance their riding abilities in mud and on gravel, as well as on the most demanding mountain routes, in courses lasting between one and five days. In 2006 BMW for the first time offers training sessions exclusively for female riders , featuring the same training contents and the same level of difficulty as in the one-day basic course.

Whether it is Enduro Park Hechlingen in the south of Germany, Gross Dölln near Berlin, or Aras Rural in Spain - the enthusiast seeking a genuine challenge will find exactly the right answer in BMW Motorrad Rider Training.

The prices for Enduro Training range from Euro 180.- on the participant's own machine all the way to Euro 1,290.- on a motorcycle provided by BMW Motorrad (F 650 GS, F650 GS Dakar, R1200 GS).

BMW HP2: Power Training at Its Best. Special training sessions allow the participant to enjoy the particular potential of the new BMW HP2. These training courses are offered at no less than four locations - at the Hechlingen Enduro Park in south-west Germany, in Gross Dölln near Berlin, at the Erzberg in Austria, and in the Spanish town of Aras Rural. The focus in all cases is on a truly sporting style of riding in demanding terrain. Prices range from Euro 385.- to Euro 1.450.- per person.

Going New Ways: BMW Enduro Tours. BMW Enduro Tours offer an attractive opportunity to put the skills you have acquired in training to practical use - either right in the middle of Europe or at the other end of the world. The range of tours extends from the Sea Alps Enduro Tour at a price of Euro 1,610.- (F 650 GS, F 650 GS Dakar) to Euro 1,710.- (R 1200 GS) all the way to the Puszta Enduro Tour at a price of Euro 1,490.- (F 650 GS, F 650 GS Dakar) to Euro 1,590.- (R 1200 GS).

Up-and-Coming: BMW Trial Training for the Young Rider. The dedicated enthusiast wishing to learn genuine riding safety and master sporting challenges must start training as early as possible. Precisely this is why BMW Trial Training for the young rider at BMW Motorrad Park Hechlingen offers special training for children and young people between 10 and 17, long before they take their first driving lesson, teaching them safe handling of a motorcycle and the right behaviour in road traffic. The fee is Euro 150.-. NR 6

For the detailed programme of BMW Motorrad Rider Training and Encounter Tours, please visit the internet at under the reference "Faszination/Reisen" and "Training" ("Fascination"/Travel" and "Training").