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Record-Breaking Couple Attempt to Set a New World Record for Fuel Efficiency on Less Than Fifty Tanks

Drivers Invited to Follow Journey Online and Learn How 'FuelStretch' Driving Principles Can Help Them Get the Most Out of Every Fuel Purchase

LONDON, Jan. 17 -- Starting today, John and Helen Taylor will embark on the ultimate road trip around the world in an attempt to set a new Guinness World Record for fuel efficiency. This husband and wife duo plan to cover approximately 18,000 miles, across 25 countries, in 70 days -- all on less than 50 tanks of Shell gasoline specially-formulated using a next- generation fuel technology.

The journey will begin at 10:00 a.m. GMT (5:00 a.m. EST) in London at Waterloo Place, followed by the Taylors gaining inspiration as they drive by The Reform Club -- the famed spot where the legendary Phileas Fogg began his fictional journey "Around the World in 80 Days." The Taylors are expected to log up to 620 miles each day, and will arrive in San Francisco in early March to begin the U.S. leg of the journey, making additional U.S. stops in Los Angeles and New York.

As Americans await the Taylor's arrival in the U.S. they can follow the journey online at . The Web site will provide daily statistics, highlights of the Taylor's journey, mileage records, daily blog entries from the Taylors, photos, and background on "FuelStretch," a program Shell is offering to its customers, to help them make the most out of every fuel purchase they make.

The Expertise and Tools Behind the Record Attempt

John and Helen are -- arguably -- the world's most fuel-efficient drivers. Holders of 34 notable fuel economy driving achievements (more than any other couple in the world), the Taylor's global venture will be their biggest challenge to date. By the time they return to London in late March, they will have traveled across Europe, Asia, Australia and the United States.

The Taylors approached Shell in 2004 to see if the company would participate in the world's biggest fuel-efficiency record attempt. They chose Shell to be their exclusive gasoline provider after testing several commercially-available fuels. The Taylors believe that using Shell gasoline and incorporating the FuelStretch Money-Saving Fuel Tips will help them maximize their fuel efficiency and set a Guinness World Record that will be very difficult to break.

"This is a lifetime's ambition for Helen and me. It's the toughest economy record attempt we've undertaken, and given the huge variety of terrain we'll be crossing, it's the ultimate test of our ability to drive economically," says John. "Helen and I are confident that by implementing some simple driving tips for fuel efficiency and using a next-generation fuel technology from Shell, we will be successful in setting a strong record."

The driving tips the Taylors will be using on their journey are now available to drivers at Shell stations across the U.S. through the Shell FuelStretch initiative. The company is offering the FuelStretch program to help its customers make the most out of every fuel purchase. FuelStretch includes money-saving driving tips, a credit card that helps drivers earn gasoline rebates on very purchase, and innovative fuels that are specially formulated to keep engines clean.

FuelStretch tips are available at the pump and inside the store, and they are being promoted through point-of-purchase materials, online advertising and additional support locally.

Details of the Global Road Trip

John and Helen will be driving a Volkswagen Golf FSI 1.6. It is VW's standard Golf model, which is representative of cars you can find on the road today. The Taylor's car will be accompanied by a crew trailing in two Volkswagen Passat Estates. The crew will include an independent witness, a videographer to document the journey, a writer to help chronicle the Taylor's adventures, and two Volkswagen support personnel.

For the attempt to qualify as an official Guinness World Record, John and Helen must travel in one direction only, covering a distance of at least 18,000 miles, but no more than the full length of the Equator. The car needs to be a standard production model. There are 18 other strict rules covering antipodal points, East/West co-ordinates, independent adjudication, log books, witnesses, pre-travel engineering checks, and driving times.

The Taylors and crew will spend up to 14 hours a day on the road, driving both day and night, while adhering to strict health and safety guidelines. They will also follow a strict and limited eating regime to minimize the risk of illness that could affect achieving the record. One break for the couple, however, will come mid-journey, when they will stop at home in Melbourne, Australia, to attend their daughter's wedding.

Says Helen, "After raising three children, we see this record attempt as a chance to find some peace on the road and spend some serious quality time together."

"This is an exciting and dynamic undertaking for the Taylors, and Shell is proud to be part of it," says Bruce Rosengarten, Shell's Vice President of Global Retail Marketing. "It is a chance to show people how they can move better around the world, while also putting a Shell next-generation fuel technology to the ultimate road test."

"We're excited about this new challenge as it represents the most ambitious global fuel efficiency record attempt to date," says Craig Glenday, editor of Guinness World Records. "It's a timely representation of what attempting a Guinness World Record is all about -- pushing the boundaries of human and technological achievement while carrying along with it some helpful tips to demonstrate how every driver can save money on fuel."

So don't expect the Taylors to depart London on their extraordinary adventure in a blaze of burning rubber. Their gentle departure with an easy foot on the pedal will ensure that they cruise around the world at a comfortable speed to achieve their fuel efficiency goal -- and help them avoid any traffic violations that could invalidate the entire record attempt.

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