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Ford Explorer Website - Serious Explorations


PHOENIX, December 1 – Serious Explorations, the Internet’s #1 Ford Explorer 
enthusiast community, will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2006 with 
events in Moab, Utah; Attica, Indiana; and Crozet, Virginia.

Serious Explorations was launched in 1996 by Rick Horwitz of Phoenix, 
Arizona. Horwitz wanted to show how capable the Ford Explorer could be.

“As the term ‘sport utility vehicle’ replaced ‘four-by-four,’ many owners 
also thought the ruggedness of the four-wheel drive vehicle was lost,” said 

“In actuality, the Ford Explorer was as capable as any four-wheel drive 
predecessor. I knew it, and thought others should, too.”

Horwitz’s creation, which includes multiple interactive forums, blossomed 
to over 40,000 members. These members represent stock as well as 
highly-modified off-road and street-cruising Ford Explorers, Mercury 
Mountaineers, Mazda Navajos, and Ford Rangers. Owners and fans of the 
vehicles share maintenance tips, modifications, and plan enthusiast events 
across the country and globe.

The success of Serious Explorations has not gone unnoticed. Ford Motor 
Company engineers accompanied members in their off-road explorations of 
Moab, Utah; Colorado’s ghost towns and 13,000 foot peaks; and the Southern 
California desert’s Truck Haven Hills.

“In addition to having a great time,” Horwitz commented, “the engineers 
learned much about how we challenge our vehicles off of the pavement.”

In 2006, the community will celebrate the success of Serious Explorations 
with three off-road events across the United States. The first, on May 
13-14, will be held in Moab, Utah, where owners will explore Utah’s famed 
slickrock trails. On June 17-18, owners will traverse the Badlands Off-road 
park in Attica, Indiana. Finally, on June 24-25, owners will gather in 
Crozet, Virginia. Each event will be highlighted by a dinner and raffle.

Horwitz can't help but show pride in the online community.

“Even though the group became quite diverse, it never lost its community 
feel,” said Horwitz. “We have unmodified vehicles, some of the lowest 
low-riders, and some of the most capable four-by-fours you will ever see.

“For as different as our vehicles can be, we all share a common enthusiasm 
for the vehicles and a common bond between community members.”

Serious Explorations can be located at and .