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On The Auto Channel's 25th Thanksgiving, Flashback Redux, Redux, Redux


Updated as necessary for accuracy November 2017

Co-publisher's Note: "They" say that tradition is important, so here I am again re publishing a story I wrote and published first 10 years ago, as I sat down to edit it I see that it is exactly apropos for Thanksgiving 2015. ..not bad I think...we keep rolling along like the mighty Ohio that I see outside my office window.

Louisville KY November 22, 2007; We are "keeping on" - I will be happy to take another 30 or so years of this...Happy Thanksgiving 2007 (2017) to all of our friends and clients.

Louisville KY, November 23, 2006; As I sat down at my trusty HP late last night I had a come up with something more acceptable than a tired years old Thanksgiving piece...but as I read my words in the article below I admitted that I didn't think that I could write it any better, and am deciding whether that's because my writing skills and imagination are almost gone or because when I originally wrote it I aced it!

Not much has changed this past year (I am happy to say)...our ad sales continue to grow (not so, the google animal farm has truly screwed us) and for that we would like to thank you and then thank Google, and the car makers who get it and get us...Our editorial content surpassed 1 million pages and continues to attract the kind of audience most advertisers want to reach...and that's enough already, just read the story below and once again I am fortunate too be able to wish our audience and our family to have a Happy Thanksgiving...

November 24, 2005; Well another Thanksgiving has arrived...and thanks to the loyal TACH audience, our fantastic advertisers, and our hearty band of TACH men and women who make the site possible, we are still here!!

Because we are a frugal and pragmatic bunch the reuse of a story albeit updated does not shake our journalistic foundations, so once again...our thanksgiving tome.

The old bromide that states: "the more things change the more they stay the same is proven correct once again".

With today being the 10th Thanksgiving that The Auto Channel has been on-line, I wanted badly to be able to compose a meaningful Thanksgiving message to post in our Automotive News area, to enliven a decidedly slow news day.

So I sat, and apprehensively starred at my monitor, waiting for a creative inspiration to pop into my mind, to spark me to deliver a message that would truly reflect what has happened to us as a Nation and capture our viewers lives in snapshots of time.

I finally came up with what I think is an interesting history lesson and an indication of really how lucky and fortunate we who live in the United States have been (and still are).

In spite of the unforgivable terror of 9/11, the sabre rattling (and now explosions and gunfire) over (and now within)Iraq and the radical muslim murderers, the USA continues to roll along, just like the mighty Ohio river that is directly outside my office window; it rises and falls, quickens and slows, turns muddy brown and algae green, but, as George Gershwin once said of another mighty stream: "It just keeps rolling along"

I'm hoping and praying that when one of my Grandchildren sits down to write The Auto Channels 45th Thanksgiving greeting, her (now I have 7 Grandsons and NO Grand daughters)reflections of Automotive News as published on The Auto Channel will be positive and reflective of how Blessed we continue to be as Americans.

2006 Update: Once again I would like to thank those of you that have allowed us to feel thankful in this vocatation...our wonderful writers and terrific programmers and computer guys and gals and the advertisers and our connectivity company and most of all you our audience, for without you there would be no us.

So take our sincere thanks and please keep on TACh'n.

Bob Gordon Co-flounder