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Scuderi Group Reaches Major Milestones In Development of New Internal Combustion Engine

Leading Research Lab Verifies Design, US Government Earmarks $2 Million Grant

Scuderi’s Split-Cycle Engine Expected to Increase Gas Mileage, Improve Fuel Efficiency by 24- 28 Percent, Emit 80 Percent Less Toxins

WEST SPRINGFIELD, Mass. – Oct. 18, 2005 –The Scuderi Group today announced that the company has reached a number of major milestones in its efforts to develop a breakthrough internal combustion engine that is promises to far exceed current efficiency levels. The design and performance of the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine – potentially the world’s most efficient internal combustion engine – has been verified by one of the world’s leading research laboratories, and the company was recently awarded a $2 million engine development grant by the U.S. House of Representatives. This patented design represents one of the most significant breakthroughs for internal combustion engines to come along in decades, an advance that takes on added significance given rising fuel prices and growing environmental concerns.

Developed by a team of fluid and thermodynamic experts, the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine is expected to deliver a quantum leap in performance, efficiency and environmental impact. The Scuderi Group accomplished these advances by focusing on the fluid and thermodynamics at the heart of the engine, challenging conventional approaches to engine design in place for over 120 years.

As a result of this breakthrough design, the Scuderi engine is expected to:

-Improve fuel efficiency in today’s gas and diesel engines by almost one third
-Emit 80 percent less toxic emissions than today’s gas and diesel engines
-Enhances the performance of hybrid engines
-Provide significantly more power than a conventional engine
-Be easy to manufacture because it utilizes same components found in today’s engines

The Scuderi technology can be applied to any internal combustion engine including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, and natural gas and is patented worldwide with four patents issued (three also pending in U.S. and three others pending in 45 countries). The Scuderi Group plans to license the technology to qualified engine manufacturers on a worldwide basis.

The Scuderi engine design has undergone rigorous analysis through sophisticated computer modeling at one of the world’s leading independent engineering testing and research facilities. All of the claims made by the Scuderi Group have been verified as a result of this intensive research process.

The Scuderi Group has launched its 3-year-old operation into high gear by beginning the production of both gasoline and diesel prototypes. After having $2 million from the Defense Appropriations bill approved last June by the U.S. House of Representatives, The Scuderi Group has also begun discussions with a tier-one defense contractor about utilizing this technology in military applications and is in discussions with various engine manufacturers.

“This is truly a revolutionary breakthrough in engine technology,” according to Dr. James Massi, an expert on internal combustion engines who holds more than 60 patents. “By challenging convention and focusing on the fluid and thermodynamics, Scuderi has broken down the barrier that has stood in place since the late 1800s.”

“The progress we are reporting in the development of the Scuderi engine comes at a critically important time, as our country struggles with its dependency on foreign oil and efficiency of our internal combustion engines, ”said Salvatore Scuderi, president of The Scuderi Group. “We believe the Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine represents a technological leap forward that helps reduce concerns over rising oil prices and growing environmental issues.”

The Scuderi Split-Cycle technology changes the heart of the internal combustion engine. By using fluid and thermodynamic techniques, the Scuderi Technology improves how an engine converts chemical energy to mechanical energy. Unlike conventional engines, the Scuderi engine divides the four strokes of a standard engine (intake, compression, power, and exhaust) over a paired combination of one compression cylinder and one power cylinder. These two cylinders perform their respective functions once per crankshaft revolution, when typically conventional engines require two revolutions of the crankshaft to perform these functions.

Scuderi engines can also be built using the same manufacturing equipment as a conventional engine. Unlike hybrids and hydrogen fuel cell alternatives, there is no need to undertake costly retooling of manufacturing equipment and facilities. With striking similarity to a conventional engine, it uses the same standard components and there are no exotic shapes or unusual devices, giving engine manufacturers the ability to easily and quickly adapt this engine to their current product requirements.

The Scuderi Group includes experts in fluid and thermodynamics, engine technology, patent and commercial law, licensing, government relations, business management and finance. The technology is based on the research and inventions of the late Carmelo Scuderi (1925-2002) who spent over 40 years inventing, developing and commercializing new technology.

About The Scuderi Group.

Based in West Springfield, Mass., The Scuderi Group is an engine development company of fluid and thermodynamic experts focused on improving the performance of the internal combustion engine. The revolutionary Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine technology is the most significant improvement in engine performance in decades and can be applied to any internal combustion engine including gasoline, diesel, bio-diesel, and natural gas. The Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine improves engine efficiency by 24 - 28 percent and reduces toxic emissions by as much as 80 percent. The Scuderi Split-Cycle Engine will not only improve the efficiency of hybrid vehicles and conventional engines but it has a dramatic increase in their power output as well. The Scuderi technology is patented worldwide with four patents issued and three pending in the U.S. and three pending in over 45 countries. For more information call 413-439-0343 or visit on the Web at