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Win a Free Year of Professional Car Washes in International Carwash Association Sweepstakes

-- Win a Free Year of Professional Car Washes in International Carwash Association Sweepstakes --

CHICAGO, Sept. 20 -- Would you invite your friends to share a meal in your home without hiding the dirty dishes under the sink or stashing carelessly tossed clothes in the closet? Chances are, if you're like most folks, you tidy up before company crosses the threshold. So why do so many sports fans forget to wash their cars, vans or SUVs before the big tailgate?

Nothing says "Welcome to my Tailgate" better than a clean and shiny car, free of fast-food containers, half-empty water bottles, and pet hair. And, it's easier to load up the bags of groceries, coolers, lawn chairs, blankets and mini-barbecue when the trunk or hatch is empty and clean.

Whether tailgating in the stadium parking lot or on a grassy knoll, the key to comfort is having everything close at hand and easy to unload. Professional tailgaters make use of every square inch of car space to pack the latest gadgets and sound systems, as well as use the trunk as a buffet table or food prep area. It's not unusual for comfy guests to skip the walk into the stadium and watch the game on a portable TV.

According to a recent survey by the International Carwash Association, most people view their cars as a reflection of their personality or status. A smaller group looks at their cars as simply a means of transportation.

"No matter what your car means to you, most of us feel a sense of pride when our car is clean and decorated with team colors. It acts as the centerpiece of a great party," said Mark Thorsby, executive director of the International Carwash Association. "We suggest that tailgate hosts stop off at a professional car wash on their way to stock up for groceries. The average car wash only takes five to eight minutes."

No matter whether you tailgate or not, there is still time to enter the International Carwash Association's Car Love Sweepstakes to win one year of complete "car love." The winner will receive 28 professional car washes at a nearby International Carwash Association member location, as well as his/her choice of the following items or services not to exceed $10,000:

   -- Automobile purchase or lease payments
   -- Automobile insurance payments
   -- Automobile maintenance at locations designated by the International
      Carwash Association
   -- Gas purchases
   -- Automobile stereo equipment

There is no purchase necessary to enter. Online forms are available at . Mail your entry, with first-class postage affixed, to: ICA Car Love 2005 Sweepstakes, 401 N. Michigan Ave, Suite 2200, Chicago, IL 60611. Entries must be received by September 30, 2005. (Entrants must be 18 years of age or older). A complete list of contest rules is posted on . Winner will be announced 11/01/05.

The International Carwash Association is a non-profit trade association serving 2,500 businesses in the United States, Canada and overseas. Membership includes car wash operators, equipment manufacturers, distributors and related suppliers. Association members represent approximately 25,000 car wash and car care locations in North America.