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N2Revolution Officially Launches PurigeN98(TM

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--Sept. 16, 2005--N2Revolution, Inc., which develops and manufactures environmentally friendly automotive solutions, is pleased to announce that it has officially launched its flagship tire inflation solution, PurigeN98(TM). The much-anticipated event took place on Wednesday, September 15, 2005 at N2Revolution's corporate headquarters in Sunrise, Florida. The launching event was packed with guests from the automotive industry, car enthusiasts, civic and business leaders gathering for what was billed as a historic event. It began with a press briefing, and continued with a ceremonial unveiling, partying and networking.

PurigeN98(TM) is a tire inflation gas (minimum 98% pure nitrogen) that improves overall vehicle performance and safety because it maintains proper inflation pressure more effectively. PurigeN98(TM) maximizes fuel efficiency, dramatically reduces tire wear, prolonging the life of a tire; and improves vehicle handling. Additionally, PurigeN98(TM) is environmentally friendly because properly inflated tires use less fuel and last longer, thereby reducing emissions and tire disposal impact.

The Launch

"This is a landmark occasion in the history of our company, and in the history of automotive technology," said Robin Pearl, president of N2Revolution. "As the purest tire inflation gas on the market, PurigeN98(TM) will be a key component in optimizing the performance of vehicles driven by the average consumers, and not just the vehicles of professionals and a few others who are aware of this alternative." Mr. Pearl also highlighted in a slide presentation prepared for the audience the scientific and behavioral factors that led to the development of nitrogen inflation technology and subsequently, PurigeN98(TM).

Flanked by his family, Mr. Pearl unveiled the Nitroflator(TM), which dispenses PurigeN98(TM), to uproarious rounds of applause, cheering, live music, balloons, confetti and unfettered fanfare. Other speakers included Christine Madsen, president of InterMedia, the firm that developed the strategic marketing and brand positioning for N2Revolution's product, PurigeN98, and Norman Taylor, head of Business Development for Broward County, who represented the Mayor and County Commissioners' offices. "It is a real pleasure to have such a gem among us," said Mr. Taylor. "We did not have to recruit them or provide any special incentives to lure them here. We are, therefore, honored that they have chosen us, and are delighted to have N2Revolution as our neighbor in the city of Sunrise in Broward Country. We wish the company much success in its national launch of PurigeN98," he went on to say.

Valets greeted each attendee, offering them the opportunity to sample PurigeN98. "While we are aware that we have a superior product, our most important mission is to promote the use of nitrogen as perhaps the single most important factor in proper vehicle maintenance," said Mr. Pearl. He added that since most people do not keep their tires inflated at optimal levels, a primary cause of accidents and fuel inefficiency, drivers will begin to reap the gas saving benefits of this technology and recover the cost of nitrogen inflation several times over within a very short period of time. "N2Revolution with PurigeN98 will play an important role in making this possible," he concluded.

Promotional & Sales Activities

Before the evening's festivities, Mr. Pearl made a series of media appearances related to the product launch and nitrogen inflation in general. He will continue to take his message throughout the region, around the country and to the entire world community of drivers in promotion of the technology.

N2Revolution sales forces had been deployed throughout the U.S. market in laying the groundwork for the official launch of PurigeN98, but this event marks a milestone in the product's delivery to the market. PurigeN98 has garnered significant attention from the business and automotive market since its pre-launch announcement a month ago, with a number of Nitroflators shipped and others still in the pipeline advanced. Within less than 24 hours of the launch, N2Revolution shipped multiple Nitroflators, concluding a number of deals, some originated in anticipation of the launch.

Nitrogen inflation has not been widely available to the average consumer, though it has been used for decades in such sports settings as Formula One, NASCAR,; in heavy-duty off road equipment; and by NASA and other commercial and military aircraft, including Air Force One. N2Revolution is investing heavily in promoting nitrogen use to the market, and is engaging in talks with other nitrogen providers toward educating the market and promoting the use of nitrogen. PurigeN98 is being delivered to the U.S. market via a strategic rollout, which combines geographic, industry segment and company-specific distribution of the Nitroflator. Though PurigeN98 is being used to inflate tires on cars, vans, trucks, recreational and other vehicles, it may also be used for bikes, ATVs, and any other vehicle that uses rubber tires. N2Revolution is planning to eventually deliver PurigeN98 to those market segments as well.

Differentiating Factors

Because it is 98% pure, PurigeN98 is the highest guaranteed purity level of nitrogen on the market. Industry studies have found that the purer the gas, meaning the less oxygen it contains, the more effectively it will perform. Additionally, N2Revolution has a patent-pending method of guaranteeing this unprecedented level of purity, among other process, design and functional differentiating features of the Nitroflator. Its cylindrical shape and the blue color are also patent-pending.

About the Inventor

N2Revolution's president, Mr. Pearl, is experienced at developing energy-efficient, environmentally friendly innovations. As co-founder of OceanBoy Farms, Inc., he was an integral member of the team that developed the sustainable aquaculture systems of the largest organic shrimp farm in the US.

About N2Revolution

N2Revolution, Inc, based in Sunrise, Florida, develops and manufactures leading-edge automotive solutions. Led by a team of distinguished veterans from the automotive, environmental, engineering and scientific realms, the company is committed to developing the highest-quality, affordable and environmentally friendly innovations that enhance the quality of life of today's sophisticated consumer. For more information about N2Revolution and its energy-saving solutions, call 954-741-4278, e-mail, or visit