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Dunn Tire Employs Nitrogen for Improved Tire Performance and Gas Mileage

BUFFALO, N.Y., Sept. 2 -- Save Gas this holiday weekend with nitrogen filled tires. Dunn Tire LLC utilizes a nitrogen inflation system similar to that used by NASA in space shuttle tires to fill all the tires they sell.

Dunn Tire has invested a quarter of a million dollars making them one of the first dealerships in North America to offer its customers nitrogen. Nitrogen has long been a popular alternative where consistent pressure is critical, such as commercial airlines and high-performance race cars.

Tires filled with nitrogen remain properly inflated longer, resulting in longer tread life, lower rolling resistance and better gas mileage.

"With today's gas prices continuing to climb toward $3.00 per gallon we believe that our decision to provide our customers with nitrogen was exactly the right thing to do," said Randy Clark, Dunn Tire Chairman of the Board.

The main characteristic of Nitrogen is that it flows out of a tire slower than air, helping to maintain correct tire pressure longer, which leads to improved fuel efficiency.

It has also been reported that nitrogen has solved vibration problems on high-performance vehicles. Other benefits include reduced wheel corrosion, and better performance on both wet and dry pavement.

Major tire manufacturers support the use of Nitrogen citing the harmless inert diatomic gas as a breakthrough in tire care and maintenance.

Studies have shown that eight of ten tires on the road are under inflated. As an established leader in the Western, Central NY and Erie Pennsylvania community for over 30 years, Dunn Tire is proud to offer these innovative solutions to all their customers.

"Our customers are really impressed with the improvement in gas mileage and overall tire performance. They're telling their friends, who tell they're friends and it just keeps going," Clark said.

Clark continued, "Nitrogen is just one more way that Dunn Tire is wowing customers."

Some vehicle owners in other areas who have long commutes have reported saving as much as two miles a gallon with Nitrogen.

Tire pressure has become such an important issue that the government passed the Tread Act, part of which states that all US manufactured vehicles under 10,000 pounds GVW, must be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring device to warn if the tires are not properly inflated.

About Dunn Tire

Dunn Tire ( is based in Buffalo, New York, and has 26 stores located in Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, New York's Southern Tier and Erie, Pennsylvania.

Dunn Tire represents numerous major tire brands and is the nation's 26th largest tire retailer. The company is known for their low price guarantee.