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Rodedawg Ready to Introduce a New Amphibious 4x4 Recreation Vehicle

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SAN MATEO, Calif., Aug. 8, 2005;- Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. (Other OTC:RWGI.PK - News) owns an exclusive worldwide contract for the purpose of marketing and distributing a new, amphibious 4x4 off-road recreational vehicle. This new, amphibious 4x4 off-road vehicle is called the ``Rodedawg''.

The Rodedawg is a revolutionary, new amphibious 4x4 off-road vehicle that performs on land and water. The exclusive ``Rodedawg'' brand name is trademarked and the rights are owned by Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. The new Rodedawg, because it is an amphibious (land and water) vehicle, is filling a space in the market that virtually has no competition. The vehicle is being manufactured by a well-established, 20-year-old Chinese vehicle manufacturer, Beijing Automotive Works, Ltd.

Even though the Rodedawg, which is a land and water vehicle, is new to the civilian world market, it is important to understand that this vehicle has been used extensively and successfully by the Chinese military for many years. The Rodedawg is probably the only mass produced, amphibious, off-road 4x4 vehicle to enter the world market. The Rodedawg's tremendous adaptability makes is usefulness virtually unlimited in both work and recreational activities. In a work environment, the Rodedawg could be anything from a security vehicle patrolling and cruising the Rio Grande river, which is the border between Mexico and the U.S., or a simple land and water rescue vehicle. The Rodedawg can reach almost any place a vehicle needs to go by land or water on a ranch or farm. The recreational uses of the Rodedawg are unlimited. If you enjoy outdoor adventures, exploring, boating, rugged trails, hunting, fishing or any other thing an adventurer might dream up, then you need to see, ride in, and own a new, exciting ``Rodedawg''.

The Rodedawg is available now, or will be very soon, at a special location in a major shopping mall in your city. You will be able to view, arrange for a demo, and even purchase this vehicle right in the mall. Rodedawg International Industries, Inc. is establishing fifty shopping mall locations in the U.S., Mexico, Central America, Canada and South America. The company plans to have an additional 200 locations in malls and major airports by the end of 2005. The concept of distributing these vehicles through major shopping malls and airports can virtually put Rodedawgs in every country of the company's choice in the world in a short time period. Each mall location will have a full-time sales representative and an actual ``Rodedawg''. The ``Rodedawg'' will carry a full, one-year warranty. There will be an appointed and approved service center in every city that has a sales outlet.

This marvelous, adaptable vehicle does not even have any real competition, because a seventy thousand dollar boat will not perform on land, and a seventy-five thousand dollar vehicle like the ``Hummer'' surely will not swim in the water. The best news of all is that the Rodedawg will have a price point fully equipped at under $50,000. If you have any interest in any of the three following areas about this exciting vehicle and company, please call 1-800-931-RODEDAWG or email