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New Product Claims To Enable a Gasoline Engine to be as Fuel Efficient as a Diesel

Newly Patented Design Is the Latest Fuel-Saving Product from National Fuelsaver Corporation

WASHINGTON, June 27 -- A new design that will enable a gasoline engine to be as fuel efficient as a diesel engine has just been awarded patent number 6,907,859 from the U.S. Patent Office, according to a spokesperson from National Fuelsaver Corporation.

"Every consumer dreams of getting more miles to the gallon," comments Joe Robinson, Technical Director of National Fuelsaver Corp, "but until today a gasoline engine could never compete with the fuel efficiency of a diesel engine. Our latest design closes the miles-per-gallon gap."

The newly patented design shows how to manufacture a gasoline engine with the 16 to 1 power stroke of a diesel engine, while retaining the 8 to 1 compression ratio of a gasoline engine. The higher power stroke ratio delivers 8% more miles per gallon, while the retaining of the compression ratio guarantees the engine's safe performance.

When this latest design is combined with the company's "Platinum Gas Saver," a low-cost automotive accessory that has racked up half a million sales since it appeared on the market, a gasoline vehicle can be as fuel efficient as the equivalent diesel vehicle.

The Gas Saver adds microscopic quantities of platinum to the air and fuel that enters the engine. The platinum is the catalyst which enables the non- burning fuel to burn inside the engine.

Without the Gas Saver, the typical gasoline engine will burn only 68% of each gallon. With the Gas Saver, the engine will burn 90% of each gallon, a 22% increase.

"Obviously, when 22% more of each gallon burns inside your engine, 22% fewer gallons are required to drive the same distance," explains Mr. Robinson. "The savings to the driver is substantial."

After a five year study of the Gas Saver, Federal Consumer Protection concluded: "Independent testing shows greater fuel savings with the Gas Saver than the 22% claimed by the developer."

In addition to the fuel savings, the Gas Saver's platinum cleans out the abrasive carbon to extend engine life and raises octane levels, making the higher priced gasoline unnecessary for most vehicles.

Although consumers will have to wait until the company's new engine design comes to market, the Gas Saver -- which accounts for most of the fuel savings -- can be easily installed on most gasoline vehicles today. For further information call 1-800-LESS-GAS or 1-800-537-7427.