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2005 Suzuki Aerio SX Review

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By Bob Gordon

When Joe the Specialty Transport driver met me in my parking lot with the silver Suzuki Aerio SX he saw a big smile break out on my face…why you might ponder…is it because I was changing last week’s tester a Suzuki XL-7 SUV for a zippy 5 on the floor sporty and head turning car just as the weather was turning to “everyone out on the streets strolling in the evenings weather” …well partially, but quite frankly I already missed the XL-7’s room and comfort…so why the smile?

It came from my memory of the first time I saw the new Aerio Sport Crossover (Suzuki nomenclature I might call it a mini-wagon or a 5 door coupe or a practical sized car) It was at the Detroit Auto Show a few years ago …the Aerio displayed there was a bright yellow, (I think that yellow was the color d’show that year) and frankly made me smile, even then I thought it would be a hit and it’s shape a vanguard for others to follow…it is and it was.

This new 2005 version is powered by a 2.3-liter engine delivering 155-horsepower and 152-lb.-ft. of torque - a top-performer in its class…and a scooter or zipper on the road. I like to drive a car that allows me to shift gears before the world outside is a blur…very rarely do I enjoy an overpowered hulk that forces me to shift directly from 1st gear to 5th or 6th so I don’t end up in traffic court…this is not to say that the Aerio SX is slow or poky…no, no, no, but the power in this car is really driver-able...1st to 2nd to 3rd to 4th to 5th…wow a car that lets me use all the gears to accelerate …I like that in a street car.

For those of you who will use the Suzuki Aerio as your towed-behind your massive RV car…Suzuki includes an automatic transmission so your SX can be towed with all four wheels on the ground - adding towing stability - without accumulating miles.

Suzuki sure piled on the goodies on this model yet is still was able to have an MSRP of under $16,000…and that’s the top price, you can expect to pay even less than that at your favorite Suzuki store of which there are many many more around the country.

Standard equipment includes the above mentioned 155 HP engine, plus side and advanced airbags; automatic climate control; air conditioning; power windows, door locks and mirrors; remote keyless entry; in-dash AM/FM CD player with seven speakers including subwoofer; tilt steering wheel with integrated stereo controls; driver's seat armrest and rear spoiler; dash mounted clock and outside temperature display and upgraded seat fabric…whew not bad.

As many of you may know my family is full of car critics…some get paid others just do it as a hobby…although I really try to separate myself from the peanut gallery (a term many of you young’uns have never heard of I’m sure) I take into consideration what the team thinks because its almost impossible to be a driver and a passenger at the same time. My family is not a big fan of my driving so when I hear that my driving has improved I can only attribute it to the cars comfort rating and the Aerio is high on all counts.

Driver Comfort: The Aerio sits well and the controls and pedals were easy for me to reach, see and use, head room was enough for a 6’5” son-in-law and it was fun to drive.

Passenger Comfort: …”hey Dad lets take that mini-wagon downtown”…ok pile in you and Abby sit in the back, Mom ride shotgun…”hey this is really comfortable, feels good and it improves your driving”…I like that in a car.

Pocketbook Comfort: At under $16 grand; America's #1 warranty: 100,000-mile, fully-transferable, zero deductible and a pedigree of quality the Suzuki Aerio SX in your driveway will make you smile also.