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Volvo Cars to Bring Swedish Culture as Well as Cars to Dallas Auto Show

DALLAS, April 4 -- Volvo Cars of North America (VCNA) will be presenting its current model lineup at the 2005 Dallas Auto Show, as will other manufacturers at the event. However, Volvo will also bring along a little bit of Sweden to the heart of Texas.

Since 1998, Volvo has been represented at company events and auto shows by home-grown University students from across Sweden. The Coeds are trained as Product Specialists, enhancing the Volvo marque with in-depth knowledge of everything Volvo, the Brand and the products.

For anyone who has walked the aisles at any auto show, the practice is against the grain compared to how most car manufacturers present their products. According to Susanne Carlsson, Volvo Car Corporation Special Events, who is team leader of the program, "It might not be what most car manufacturers have but we feel that this is right for Volvo. It has also proven to be a great success."

Since its inception, more than 250 students have gone through the program, and they have represented Volvo in places like Sweden, Switzerland, Germany, the Netherlands, Great Britain, Italy, the United States and China, among other locales around the globe.

Universities in Sweden are the recruiting grounds for Volvo seeking individuals who are: outgoing, positive, possess an ability to deal with people from different walks of life, and able to work in a team.

And because the program covers Motor Shows in so many countries, language skills are a must. Volvo's Product Specialists are required to speak the national language of the event's location. Because of the program's popularity, many of the applicants result from word-of-mouth.

All of the participants for Dallas will be fluent in English, with perhaps a detectable Swedish accent. The most important part is the ability of our Product Specialists to represent, and present, the company and the products in a positive and knowledgeable way, says Carlsson.

Jenny Lindstrom, a business school student in Sweden, will be making her first trip to Texas for the Dallas Auto Show, April 13-17 and when asked about her impression of the 'Lone Star State,' "Do I dare to say the TV-show 'Dallas' and the Old West?!," she said. "But I have now read more about Dallas and it seems to be a really modern and big financial center. I am very excited about going there and getting to know the city and the area around," Jenny says.

For those attending the show, be sure to stop by the Volvo stand and say, "hej, hur mar du" (a.k.a. "howdy!")

VCNA, part of the Volvo Car Corporation of Gothenburg, Sweden, provides marketing, sales, parts, service, technology and training support to Volvo automobile retailers in the United States, and oversees Volvo operations in Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

Volvo has been building cars with Safety in mind for over 75 years. The 2005 Volvo Cars model line-up includes: the award-winning new S40 and its wagon counterpart the all-new V50; the award-winning XC90; the sporty S60 sedan -- including the award-winning performance sedan -- S60 R and the performance wagon version -- V70 R; the flagship S80 luxury sedan; versatile V70 wagon and rugged XC70 (Cross Country); and, the C70 convertible.

  More from Jenny Lindstrom:

  What do you know about Dallas, Texas?

Do I dare to say the TV-show "Dallas" and the Old West?! This was what first came to my head when I thought about Dallas and Texas. But I have now read more about Dallas and found out that it is one of the biggest cities in Texas, and it seems to be a really modern and big financial center. I have never been in Texas before and I am very excited about going there and getting to know the city and the area around.

What is your personal favorite vehicle on the Volvo stand, and why?

It depends... When it comes to driving, the XC70 is my favorite vehicle since this was the car that I liked most on the test-driving of all the different models. But when it comes to design I must say the S40 and V50 are my favorites. These have a very sporty interior and a kind of "younger style" which really appeal to me.

What surprised you most about this job?

How everybody we meet at the auto shows are so interested in getting to know more, not only about the cars, but also about Sweden. The visitors seem to be really surprised that we have traveled so far for the shows, and it's great to answer their curious questions about Sweden and Swedish culture.

What do you do when you are not working as a Volvo Product Specialist?

I am a student at a business-school in Sweden, so working as a product specialist is extra-work for me while studying. It is a great way to get both work experience and traveling at the same time!