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Quick Maintenance Tips for Winter Reliability

PHOENIX, Nov. 29, 2004 -- CSK Auto Parts stores, offers the following suggestions to help improve your driving experience in the season of freezing temperatures:

   1.  Keep ice scrapers and snow brushes in the house if an overnight
       storm is predicted.  This will allow you to remove snow and ice
       before having to open the car doors or trunk.  Keep a spare ice
       scraper in the car as well.

   2.  Store window and lock de-icers in the house.  They won't help if
       they're frozen inside your vehicle.  Additional de-icers in the car
       and at work are also a good idea.

   3.  Windshield wiper blades should be capable of completely clearing the
       windshield in three swipes.  Replace the blades if cleaning the
       blade edges doesn't help.  Winter-type blades prevent snow from
       jamming in the blade's center, and are the best choice for snow and
       icy weather.

   4.  Top off washer fluid frequently.  Don't wait until you run out of
       fluid and the windshield is covered with salt or sandy residue.
       Keep your defroster on with the heat to prevent fluid from freezing
       on the windshield in extreme cold.

   5.  Give inside window surfaces an extra cleaning to reduce surface fog
       formation and to speed the defogging process.  Your air conditioning
       system typically runs with your heater to dehumidify the cabin for
       quicker defogging of all windows.  You might want a professional
       service provider to check your systems to ensure proper operation.

   6.  Test engine coolant or antifreeze to ensure freeze protection to at
       least (-30) degrees Fahrenheit.  If it looks rusty or has been there
       for more than two years, change the antifreeze to restore the freeze
       protection, rust inhibitors and water pump lubricant.  An
       inexpensive do-it-yourself coolant flush will help remove any harmful
       grit that could cause premature water pump failure.  While you're
       looking at the cooling system, check the belts and hoses to make
       certain they are in good shape to last through the season.

   7.  Make sure that all lights, especially high beams, turn signals, and
       brake lights, are in working condition, and that headlights are
       aimed correctly.  Keep lights as clean as possible for maximum