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MBA Holdings Inc. Announces National Motorcycle Dealers Association Formed

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz.--Aug. 2, 20045, 2004--MBA Holdings Inc. of Scottsdale, Ariz., (MBAH) has become a major investor in the formation of the National Motorcycle Dealers Association (NMDA). MBA Holdings has been appointed to provide management and administration of the association and will provide the association with products for the association members.

This association will be open to the tens of thousands of motorcycle dealers in the United States and Canada to join in to make this a great association. There is an annual membership fee.

The association will offer products and training to its members and bring many benefits and programs to aid the motorcycle dealer such as:

Extended Motorcycle Warranties for New and Used Motorcycles, ATVs and Trailers, and New Motorcycle Manufacturer's Factory Warranties, Gap Coverage, Credit Life/Accident Health Insurance, Family Hospitalization Insurance for Dealerships and their Families, Rental Insurance for Dealer Motorcycle Rental Programs and Software, Garage Keepers Insurance Program, Liability and Collision Insurance for Motorcycle and Autos for the dealer and their customers, an Association Credit Card, Dealership Credit Card Processing, 401K Retirement Programs, Roadside Assistance Programs, Tire and Wheel Protection, Business Forms, Communication Services, Prepaid Legal Program, and many other benefits including member discounts on advertising, trade show exhibiting, newsletter, and educational events.

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The association will also offer an affiliate membership program open to manufacturers of motorcycles, motorcycle component manufacturers, suppliers, distributors, finance institutions, insurance agencies, insurance companies, industry associations, trade press, publications, motorcycle software vendors, etc. The affiliate program will also have a membership fee per year.

The association expects to sign several thousand dealers in the first few weeks of the program; it is estimated that there are in excess of 40,000 new and used motorcycle dealers of various sizes in the United States.

More Information about the National Motorcycle Dealers Association:

NMDA Mission Statement

NMDA was formed to assist Motorcycle Dealer Members in being professional, successful, and profitable businesses through special services, products and programs. NMDA will also take a very active roll in education and legislation to help our members achieve their goals.

NMDA Vision

1. NMDA is actively looking for opportunities to help our members regardless of size or volume to minimize their cost and maximize their profit.

2. Motorcycle owners want reliable products and service. NMDA will help meet the consumers' high expectations of enjoyable and hassle-free riding.

3. NMDA wants its dealer members to make a substantial contribution to the lives of all its customers, employees, community and the industry.


-- Instill the dealer with the proper tools to ensure growth and prosperity.

-- Provide dealership education and training to maximize overall dealer C.S.I.

-- NMDA will empower the dealers assuring a voice at the local, state and federal levels.

-- Gain purchase power as a combined dealer association.

-- As an association, our dealers, manufacturers and vendors will have a universal impact on the direction of the industry.

The association will be located in Scottsdale, Ariz. If you wish to contact the NMDA, please call 480-391-9959.