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King David Bikers Seek Motorcycle Riding Rabbi To Lead Their Pack

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.--March 23, 2004--A new congregation is rolling into South Florida and it has less to do with whether you are a conservative, reform or orthodox Jew than it does with whether or not you ride a motorcycle. If you are Jewish and you ride motorcycles, finally there's an organization for you - King David Bikers,, and the fledgling flock is in search of a Rabbi who rides.

"As Jews we honor the Lord and as motorcycle enthusiasts we respect the road," says the group's big Macha and founder, Jeff Mustard who rides a 1600 cc Yamaha Road Star. Says Mustard, "Motorcycle enthusiasts of the Jewish faith in South Florida can congregate to share their love of motorcycles, their passion for riding and their desire to meet other Jews who feel the same way about their bikes, their religion and the ride."

What we need now says Mustard is a Rabbi who rides. "It would be great to start every ride with a little prayer, a blessing and some meaningful message...what could be better than combining things you love -- riding, a little religious message and something to eat?"

"After I got my bike, in August of 2002, I was looking for a club and didn't feel there was one that met my needs," says Mustard. What are Mustard's needs? "Look, I'm Jewish, I'm a professional, I ride a nice bike, I like to dress well and eat good food," says Mustard who is a writer/producer and the Director of advertising/marketing and communications for a Boca Raton-based international investment banking company.

What compelled Mustard to start the King David Bikers? Says Mustard, "I found that membership into most clubs is predicated simply on the kind of bike you own, just because I own the same brand bike as someone doesn't mean I necessarily want to hang out with that person or group." Mustard's philosophy about King David Bikers is simply this; As Jews, we share the passion to ride and the bond of our faith. King David Bikers has no restrictions, it is open to men and women of all ages, couples, singles and it doesn't matter what you ride. Cruisers and sport bikes are welcome.

Mustard points out that the difference between KDB and other clubs is that rides will replicate the Jewish lifestyle, meaning they will in some way include food. "As Jews, we must be the hungriest people in the world, we barely finish a meal and we're wondering what we're gonna eat next, what better excuse than to ride somewhere on your bike and get something to eat."

According to Mustard, this congregation doesn't require your fanciest suit or your prettiest dress, just your snappiest riding gear. If you ride, and you and your bike are all dressed up with nowhere to go, call King David Bikers. "You can ride alone, which is great, but riding with a buddy or a group is even better," says Mustard.

As for the club's meeting place, according to Mustard, that's easy, "Its the Rascal House in Boca, of course!" During the organizational phase of the club King David Bikers are meeting every Sunday at the Rascal House at 10:00 AM in Boca Raton. "We have something to eat, schmooze, take a ride, and do it all over again," says Mustard. "Ride, religion and nosh - doesn't get better than that," says Mustard.

For more information visit the clubs website: ; Or Contact Jeff Mustard - 954-801-8263; email: