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Champ Car Pilots To Get Extra Boost from Push-to-Pass System

INDIANAPOLIS (March 9, 2004) ­ In an effort to make for more competition on
the race track and to increase passing opportunities for the drivers, the
Bridgestone Presents The Champ Car World Series Powered by Ford and Cosworth
Racing announced today that they have developed a Œpush-to-pass¹ mechanism
for the Ford-Cosworth XFE racing engines in 2004.

The innovation will give drivers a chance to increase their boost from 41.5
to 44 inches of mercury with the push of a button, a system that will give
them an extra 50 horsepower per use. The drivers will have the ability to
use the increased boost for a total of 60 seconds per race, a time that is
equivalent to five applications on the average main straightaway of a Champ
Car circuit. 

³We wanted to put give our drivers more of an opportunity to make passes and
compete for position and we think this will play a key role in that,² said
Champ Car Technical Director Lee Dykstra. ³Champ Car Director of Electronics
Kevin Vander Laan and others in our organization have worked very hard to
develop this new application and we expect it to make for more exciting

The normal 41.5-inch level of boost will be controlled by engine sensors
that will measure the boost before it reaches the pop-off valve, with the
maximum 44 inches of boost regulated by the pop-off valve. The pop-off
valves will continue to be maintained by Champ Car and distributed to the
teams at the track during race weekends.

³This gives us another opportunity to further develop our engines and we are
very pleased with the progress to this point,² said Vice-President of
Cosworth Racing Inc. Ian Bisco. ³The Champ Car World Series gives Cosworth
Racing the chance to be creative and that is a big reason why we are
involved in the series.²

To allow fans and television viewers the opportunity to recognize how the
drivers are using the new system, the Champ Car television production crew
will monitor each time that the system is used, letting fans know how much
time each driver has remaining in his boost reserve. The production crew
will also track the tendencies of the drivers in helping fans determine when
their favorite driver might be more apt to use his allotment.

³This new push-to-pass system when combined with the other competition rules
in place for 2004 will make for very exciting racing,² said Executive
Vice-President of Operations John Lopes. ³We have developed all of our rules
for 2004 with the racing fans in mind as well as the drivers and teams and
we feel that we have come up with a package that will make for a great
on-track product this year.²