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Isuzu Launches CV Telematics, The Mimamori-kun Online Service

Tokyo, Japan, Feb. 25, 2004 - (JCN Newswire) - Isuzu Motors Limited
begins sales of commercial vehicle telematics, the
Mimamori-kun online service from February 25, 2004 in Japan. The
unconventional service, exclusively available for Isuzu heavy-duty
trucks, marks the first full-fledged CV telematics system offered by
Isuzu, and is the latest offspring of the Mimamori-kun, first launched
in January 2002 to provide truck operators and cargo carriers with
vehicle diagnostic information. Through a joint collaboration with
Messrs. KDDI, the Mimamori-kun diagnostic system now comes online,
thanks to the latest telecommunications technologies and platform
provided by Japan's leading telecommunications company.

The Mimamori-kun Online Service provides two-way, interactive, real-time
interface between the vehicle, freight transporter, cargo consignor and
Isuzu, making use of location search function via GPS and the latest
packet telecommunications technologies of KDDI. By simply logging on to
the Internet, individual vehicle information can be retrieved in
real-time with the vehicles on road, in action, wherever in Japan. Fuel
consumption, gaseous emissions level, vehicle location and driving
conditions such as gear shifting, acceleration and braking behavior can
be collected and analyzed for the effective vehicle management.

Benefits of the Mimamori-kun Online Service are countless. Freight
transporters and cargo consignors can greatly improve their management
efficiencies by downright fuel saving and safe driving, with
commensurate reduction of the environmental impact of trucking on road.

Today's Japanese trucking industry is facing major challenges, according
to the industry experts; it has to realize accident-free cargo
transportation, ensure safety with no health hazard, with least impact
on environment - all to be realized while enhancing operational
efficiencies of fleet vehicle management under optimum trip planning.
Mere performance improvement of the vehicles alone can no longer win
customer satisfaction from those trucking companies.

Over the past 10 years, Isuzu Motors has been taking aggressive approach
in supporting the trucking industry by providing solutions for highly
efficient transportation management, carrying out training workshops to
provide tips for fuel saving and safe driving. Our customer needs to
achieve even higher level of operating efficiency grew larger over time,
requiring Isuzu to render continuous operating support and highly
reliable information on a daily, real-time basis. The Mimamori-kun
Online Service brings Isuzu a step further to respond to our customer

The Mimamori-kun Online Service has a wide array of expandability for
further improvement of transportation and vehicle management. Adding
temperature sensor and in-vehicle camera can monitor, for example,
traffic conditions and road conditions, as well as cargo conditions in
transit. This would allow our customers to realize improved quality of
transportation and delivery, expeditious cargo pickup and delivery
routing, accurate grasp of truck arrival time scheduling, and quick
response to delivery delay. In the future, Isuzu envisions that Japanese
trucks with various sensors will travel national highways and roads as
if carriers of valuable information, transmitting such information to
create new value. Accurate information so gathered by these trucks will
have vast potential.

The Mimamori-kun Online Service will initially be available for Isuzu
heavy-duty GIGA series trucks. Isuzu plans to gradually expand the
service availability to its medium- and light-duty trucks.

Retail price (Consumption tax not included) 
- Initial unit price (in-vehicle terminal) : Y78,000 
- Running cost (per month, excl. communication charge) : Y4,500 
* Installation fee, mobile unit, KDDI au communication service fee,
communication charges will be necessary.

Sales target: 1,500 units a year (in 2004)

Applicable vehicle models: 
- Isuzu GIGA series HD trucks compatible with the 1999 Emission
Standards (KL series or later models with Japanese specifications) 
* Some models cannot be installed the system.

Minimum system requirements 
- PC : MS Win95, MS WinNT4.0, or later (Mac OS not compatible) 
- Browser : IE 5.5 SP2, IE 6.0 SP1, Netscape 4.75 
- Report display : Adobe Acrobat 5 (PC setting change required for Adobe
Acrobat 6) 
- Memory : 64MB or more 
- CPU : Pentium II or higher spec recommended 
- Printer : Color printer capable of A4 output 
- Internet connection : ADSL or faster connection recommended 
- E-mail : Address required for registration 

* Currently marketed Mimamori-kun system operates with the core unit
called "Mimamori-Unit" which collects from on-board computer and stores
vehicle specific data e.g., the driving conditions and behavior of truck
driver, fuel injection volume, to be analyzed and diagnosed by Isuzu
Motors. When the data analysis and diagnosis is completed, Isuzu
generates the Mimamori-Reports and provides them with the customers
together with expert advice on fuel saving and safe driving. The
Mimamori-Reports not only describes detail diagnosis of the vehicle such
as fuel economy and driving operations, but also collates CO, NOx, PM
emissions data, which can be used as the basis for the trucking
companies' environmental data. At present, 800 Isuzu trucks are equipped
with the Mimamori-kun system. After two short years since initial
launch, the Mimamori-kun is winning superb reputation for its proven
benefits to customers, e.g. improving fuel economy by 15%, lower average
speed, reduced number of sudden braking cases, etc.

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