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Experience Firsthand Continental's Anti-Rollover Technology - Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

  Who:       Safety experts and engineers from Continental, one of the
             world's leading automotive suppliers of high-tech safety
             technologies, and AAA representatives, will be on hand to
             discuss automotive safety and provide media and consumers a
             brief overview and a "hands-on" experience of this life-saving

  What:      Continental's 'Safely There' Mobile Exhibit

  When:      Monday, October 13, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

  Where:     AAA National Office, South Parking Lot (right off International

  Why:       NHTSA announced new rollover tests and ratings for SUVs this
             week; Electronic Stability Control helps reduce the likelihood
             of vehicle rollovers.

             More than 700 rollovers occur every day in the United States,
             with two fatal rollover accidents occurring nearly every day in
             the state of Florida.

             Traffic deaths in 2002 reached the highest level since 1990,
             and fatalities in rollover crashes accounted for 82 percent of
             the increase in 2002, according to the National Highway Traffic
             Safety Administration (NHTSA).  There has been a steady
             drumbeat of warnings about the dangers of rollovers, especially
             in SUVs.

             * Available safety equipment that is widely used in Europe and
               elsewhere that could prevent more than 5,000 rollover deaths
               every year is still unknown to most Americans.  The
               Continental "Safely There" exhibit demonstrates this
               currently available technology to the public.
             * The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) recommended
               recently that NHTSA expand and expedite its current
               evaluation of electronic stability control and consider
               whether to require it in all passenger vehicles.
             * Continental, a major automotive supplier of electronic
               stability control and other safety equipment, is on a
               national educational road tour to promote consumer awareness
               about preventing rollover crashes, injuries and fatalities.
               More information is available at or