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2004 Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan All-Wheel Drive Model Offers All-Season Performance With Advanced ATTESA E-TS

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In researching and planning the new 2004 Infiniti G35 Sport Sedan all-wheel drive model, the development team identified a number of key demands and characteristics of the target customer group. Like the owners of the rear-wheel drive G35 sedan, they see themselves as true drivers – educated about all things automotive, seekers of dynamic, invigorating and interactive experiences on the road. Along with performance, they want a sense of confidence, control and safety. Where they differ from their rear-wheel drive G35 counterparts is on one point: they absolutely don't want the driving experience restricted by weather.

"Traditionally, buyers of all-wheel drive sedans are primarily concerned about enhanced traction and control in poor weather conditions," said Mark Igo, vice president and general manager, Infiniti Division. "The target buyers of the new all-wheel drive G35, however, want more. They reject the notion that driving enjoyment must be compromised by the addition of two additional driving wheels. Simply put, they want the best of both AWD and RWD worlds – which is exactly what the addition of intelligent AWD to our G35 lineup delivers."

The key to the performance of the new all-wheel drive G35 is its state-of-the-art ATTESA E-TS™ all-wheel drive system, which is arguably one of the most advanced on-pavement all-wheel drive systems in the world.

The ATTESA E-TS, which stands for Advanced Total Traction Engineering System for All Electronic Torque Split, utilizes an electro-magnetic clutch control design (in contrast to typical oil pressure clutch control) to provide quicker response, lighter weight (approximately 22 pounds lighter than a similar oil pressure clutch control design with center differential) and true variable torque distribution, ranging from 50:50 up to 0:100 percent front-to-rear ratio (versus fixed ratio competitive systems).

Some of the G35 system's benefits over front-wheel drive-based AWD systems with traditional center differentials include:

Faster torque distribution control response to changes in road conditions Ability to adjust torque without the onset of wheel spin allows G35 to uniquely optimize the torque distribution based on driving conditions Better base performance due to rear-wheel drive base layout (versus front-wheel drive based AWD layouts) Better standing start performance on snow through use of Snow-Mode switch

How It Works

The ATTESA system is designed for smooth starts, better fuel economy and better traction and maneuverability on snowy roads than conventional all-wheel drive systems and minimal compromise of rear-wheel drive performance characteristics on dry roads. The system's advanced torque split control strategy automatically transfers optimum torque to the wheels according to road and driving conditions. It provides outstanding cornering capability similar to a sports car due to optimum torque distribution to the front and rear wheels (from approximately 0:100 up to 50:50).

System sensors continuously monitor vehicle speed, throttle position and wheel spin (at all four wheels). When road conditions don't require AWD, the G35 acts and feels like the award-winning rear-wheel drive G35 sedan, with the system capable of sending up to 100 percent of the power to the rear wheels. By comparison, leading competitive AWD systems with center differential transfer systems limit the amount of available power at the rear wheels to 50 percent (Audi A4 Quattro), 60 percent (Mercedes C-class 4-matic) or 62 percent (BMW 330xi). The G35 thus offers minimal compromise of rear-wheel drive performance and handling feel. From a standing start, the ATTESA system adjusts the front-to-rear torque distribution, adding 25 percent to the front wheels for a more powerful start. The system then quickly adjusts torque distribution as needed, sending up to 100 percent to the rear wheels if conditions warrant, or adjusting the front drive percentage up to 50 percent as needed.

In cornering situations, the ATTESA system can detect traction needs throughout the course of a turn and react accordingly. With its millisecond response time, the system can shift toque back and forth between the front and rear wheels to help enhance stability and traction. For example, in entering a corner (under normal driving conditions), the system functions nearly the same as any rear-wheel drive car. Torque distribution is almost 100 percent rear. Once in the corner, the system is able to transfer to the front wheels that portion of the drive torque that the rear wheels can't handle. This results in outstanding, sports car-like cornering ability. When exiting the corner, torque can be quickly transferred according to the wheel spin of the rear wheels from 50:50 up to 0:100 for smooth acceleration out of the turn.

Another unique feature of the G35 AWD system design is the addition of a Snow-Mode function, which reduces throttle sensitivity and fixes initial torque distribution at 50:50, helping avoid wheel spin for smooth starts on snowy roads. At speeds above 12 miles per hour, the Snow-Mode function allows the central computer processing system to take over again, continually monitoring traction conditions and changing the torque distribution as needed.

"Only the all-wheel drive G35 feels like a rear-wheel drive performance sedan, giving the drivers in Northern climates all-season driving enjoyment," said Igo.

See the attached page for a full technical illustration of the ATTESA system layout.

One Fully Equipped AWD Model

Beginning in early December 2003, the all-wheel drive G35 Sport Sedan will be available in one fully equipped model, the AWD G35 Sedan. It will be badged the G35x.

The 2004 G35 Sedan Leather AWD comes with a standard DOHC 24-valve V6 engine with 260-horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque, a 5-speed automatic transmission with manual shift mode and Vehicle Dynamic Control (VDC). Along with its advanced engine and all-wheel drive technology, the G35’s performance is enhanced by a 4-wheel independent suspension with lightweight aluminum components and highly aerodynamic styling – including a coefficient of drag of just 0.27 and zero degrees of front lift.

The G35 AWD's advanced braking system utilizes power-assisted 4-wheel vented disc brakes, 4-channel, 4-sensor Anti-lock Braking System (ABS), Electronic Brake force Distribution (EBD), which distributes brake force depending on load condition (passengers and cargo) and Brake Assist (BA), which senses hard or panic pedal application and helps provide maximum braking capacity and Active Brake Limited Slip (ABLS), which uses the ABS sensors to detect wheel spin and applies braking to the spinning wheel.

The 2004 G35 also features standard 17-inch aluminum-alloy wheels with P215/55R17 tires and standard Tire Pressure Monitor System.

"Like every G35, the new AWD model stands out among other performance luxury sedans with its unmatched combination of styling, interior roominess, powerful 3.5-liter V6 and exceptionally balanced Front-Midship platform," said Igo. "Now, with the addition of its advanced, intelligent all-wheel drive system, the G35 adapts its performance to all seasons.”