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Get Ready for Summer Travel - Tune Up Your Car

Advance Auto Parts Offers Tune-Up Tips to Save Money and Improve Gas Mileage

ROANOKE, Va., April 30 -- Warmer weather means vacation travel, and a simple car tune-up can eliminate gas-guzzling gremlins so vacationers spend more money having fun and less at the pump.

Advance Auto Parts has developed a tune-up checklist, available in all stores and on-line, to save money and improve gas mileage.

These guidelines, along with regular maintenance schedules for your car, should increase engine performance and actual gas mileage.

                                             Tune-up Tips
    Gas-Guzzling Gremlins                     What To Do

  Under-inflated tires can            Tire Pressure: Check tires
  reduce gas mileage up to 10         regularly.

  A dirty air filter increases        Air Filter: Change air
  engine wear and reduces gas         filters according to owner's
  mileage up to 20%.                  manual recommendations and
                                      change more often in dusty

  Worn or fouled spark plugs          Spark Plugs and Spark Plug
  cause engines to perform            Wires: Replace plugs every
  poorly and reduces gas              50,000 to 60,000 miles for
  mileage as much as 12%.             optimal performance and
                                      change wires along with the

  A worn or cracked distributor       Distributor Cap: Inspect
  cap or rotor reduces engine         during tune up and replace if
  performance and wastes gas.         corroded or worn.

  A faulty oxygen sensor causes       Oxygen Sensor: It is the
  a drop in fuel economy of 10-       brain that tells the computer
  15%.                                how much fuel to send to your
                                      engine. Have oxygen sensor
                                      checked during tune up.

  Clogged or restricted fuel          Fuel Filter: Most
  filters not only reduce             manufacturers recommend
  engine performance, but can         replacement every 3 years or
  allow dirt to contaminate the       36,000 miles.
  fuel system and cause engine

  Dirty fuel injectors cause          Fuel-Injector Cleaner: Add
  hesitation and lack of              fuel-injector cleaner to the
  power.                              gas tank every 5,000 miles.
                                      Clean fuel injectors perform
                                      better and make your engine
                                      more efficient.

  A clogged intake system             Air Intake Cleaner: Make
  inhibits additional burning         sure the throttle body is
  of exhaust gases.                   clean with no build up. On
                                      engines equipped with a
                                      carburetor, make sure the
                                      choke linkage is clean and
                                      operating properly.

  Malfunctioning PCV valves or        PCV Valve: Check your owner's
  dirty breather filters              manual for PCV maintenance
  prohibit your engine from           intervals and replace the
  breathing properly and hinder       valve as recommended. Oil
  engine performance.                 leaks are one clue of a
                                      faulty PCV system.

  Dirty motor oil increases           Oil Change: Clean motor oil
  your exhaust emissions and          protects your engine and
  causes your engine to operate       should be changed every 3,000
  less efficiently.                   miles or every three months.

Additional fuel-saving tips are available on Advance Auto Parts' website at

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