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Technology Update: Differentials Provide Customers with Improved Traction and Handling and Reduced NVH

DETROIT, March 3 -- The American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM) TracRite(R) differentials for both front and rear axle applications have been designed to meet a variety of customer requirements for traction control and improved ride and handling. The AAM family of differentials range from its current industry-standard mechanical differentials, to its newest, most sophisticated electronic traction-enhancing architectures. When coupled with the SmartBar(TM) roll-control module, AAM's TracRite differentials provide maximum traction and handling performance with reduced noise, vibration, and harshness (NVH).

TracRite differentials feature PowerDense(TM) gear sets and net-shaped forged and piloted side gears for low lash and quiet operation. Two of AAM's newest TracRite differentials are the TracRite EL and TracRite GTL.

AAM's advanced TracRite EL features lightning fast (50 milliseconds) engagement and disengagement and is lightweight and compact. It offers scalable high-torque capacity, low electrical power and actuation that can be programmable, driver selectable, or both, and is compatible with ABS braking.

The TracRite GTL is a helical gear differential with a locking feature. The locked mode may be engaged automatically via a programmed computer, driver selection, or both. The GTL continuously biases torque to the higher traction wheel to prevent wheel slip, and features a tunable torque bias ratio.

"We have engineered and designed a family of differentials to meet and exceed our customers' expectations and needs," says Daniel V. Sagady, P.E., vice president, Engineering & Product Development. "Our line of AAM differentials builds important performance advantages into our customers' vehicles. For instance, an SUV equipped with a TracRite differential in both the front and rear axle can provide true four-wheel drive. In some four- wheel-drive applications, the transfer case can be greatly simplified, providing significant advantages in packaging and mass reduction, while creating full-time all-wheel drive."

AAM is a world leader in the manufacture, engineering, design and validation of driveline systems and related components and modules, chassis systems and forged products for trucks, sport utility vehicles and passenger cars. In addition to its 14 locations in the United States (in Michigan, New York and Ohio), AAM also has offices and facilities in Brazil, England, Germany, Japan, Mexico and Scotland.

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