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Global Response Reports Optimism for Telematics Among Auto Clubs Worldwide

    CHICAGO--Oct. 14, 2002--Representatives of Global Response, a telematics consortium of the world's largest motoring organizations, are reporting continued progress and optimism in the deployment of telematics systems worldwide.
    In presentations to the ITS World Congress in Chicago this week, representatives of Global Response acknowledged the emerging market for telematics and location-based services has experienced erratic growth and widely varying expectations from investors, government agencies and the public.
    In this challenging environment, the motoring organizations of Global Response have continued to extend their long-traditions of providing unmatched customer service to more than 90 million consumer members worldwide, while demonstrating initiative and realism in serving automobile manufacturers and other business partners.
    Telematics systems allow drivers and other users to place automatic or manually-initiated requests for emergency, informational, and roadside assistance. These solutions commonly use wireless network and Global Positioning System technology data to pinpoint customer location. Increasingly, these services also will incorporate mobile Internet and e-mail applications, and provide access to information ranging from vehicle diagnostics to audio downloads.
    Just as the Internet explosion fundamentally changed society's relationship with the personal computer, telematics and the wireless internet stand to fundamentally impact the motoring experience, making driving more enjoyable, as well as enhancing safety, convenience and security. Telematics services are a natural extension of the motor clubs' long-standing role as the most widely-trusted supplier of information and assistance services to millions of motorists around the globe.
    Current telematics efforts among each of the partners are as follows:

    AAA -- In addition to handling 28 million roadside service requests from consumer members, North America's AAA now handles over 1 million road service calls annually for the automotive, telecommunications, and service industries in North America. Earlier this year, AAA's Response Services completed development of its second-generation telematics technology and systems. At the core of AAA's unique telematics technology is a system that is totally independent from specific telematics devices or wireless carriers. As telematics and wireless technology and markets evolve, this positions AAA to rapidly respond the changing demands of consumers and industries, and to quickly deliver services through the latest devices. This technology ensures that AAA's Response Services is able to effectively develop, smoothly deploy and reliably offer a full set of features for telematics subscribers.

    ARC - ARC Transistance is a network of service providers, mainly automobile clubs, covering 36 countries across Europe. It represents 40 million automobile club members and 8 million commercial customers. ARC Transistance deploys 12,000 patrol vehicles and tow trucks, as well as 12,000 contracted service provider vehicles. It also owns more than 70 helicopters and 8 ambulance planes. The telematics teams of the ARC Transistance network service providers have implemented platform independent solutions to enable delivery of content and services requested by each and every customer. Under the coordination of ARC Transistance, solutions for seamless roaming across the different countries of Europe are implemented. The result: global solutions with local expertise.

    Intelematics - Intelematics Australia Pty. Ltd. was formed as a joint venture between two of Australia's foremost motoring club organizations, NRMA Member Services and RACV. Intelematics Australia is spearheading the development and delivery of Telematics-based security, assistance, safety, voice, content and media services for Australian motorists. Intelematics currently provides a range of security, safety and assistance services to Australian motorists. Intelematics also plans to extend its services to any compatible mobile device to meet the growing demands of today's mobile lifestyles.

    Global Response(TM) provides automakers, telephone carriers and system suppliers with an established global partnering solution to telematics services that is enhanced by the largest and most robust travel information and service delivery networks in the business.
    The Global Response alliance is an initiative of the leading automobile organizations around the world. For 100 years, these organizations have been the leading providers of roadside assistance, emergency and medical assistance, incident and accident management, as well as travel-related services and insurance products to mobile consumers. Global Response can be visited on the Internet at: