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Honda Unveils 2003 Motorcycle Models in Chicago


              Honda unveils 2003 motorcycle models in Chicago

Chicago, IL--- American Honda's Motorcycle Division unveiled 8 new and
updated models -- including five early-release 2004 models -- at the
company's annual dealer show Thursday night, September 12, at the Navy Pier
in Chicago.

Representing the continuing theme of Honda's branding strategy "Performance
First", the new products are designed to strengthen Honda's position in the
American powersports market. Since 1999, Honda has introduced or redesigned
more than 70 percent of its motorcycle, scooter and all terrain vehicle
(ATV) models.

Included in Honda's announcements are two cruiser models, one super-sport
motorcycle, two off-road bikes, one scooter, one ATV, and a new 2 -
passenger 4-stroke personal watercraft model.

The assembled dealers, who have already benefited from over 30 new Honda
product launches in the previous 3 years, were enthusiastic about the new
offerings. Honda's product lineup, already the broadest in the industry,
grew to over 60 motorcycle, scooter, ATV and personal watercraft models.

Honda Motor Ltd. President, Mr. Hiroyuki Yoshino, reminded dealers of the
importance of the U.S. market, "It was Honda motorcycles that established
the Honda brand in America. The U.S. market has always been important to
our motorcycle business -- not only as a place to sell our products, but a
place that influences our product direction"

Yoshino continued with a strong environmental message, "Together with
"performance first", we also put the environment first. Introducing
4-stroke technology throughout the lineup and other new technologies that
will make our products more friendly for the environment - even as we
advance our performance image."

2003 New Model Preview


With the CBR600RR and the CBR600F4i in the line-up for '03, Honda has aimed
both  barrels  at the middleweight class. The new CBR600RR is a masterpiece
of  technological  innovation,  designed  to  supplement the wildly popular
CBR600F4i.  The  CBR600RR  borrows  heavily from Honda's very latest racing
technology, in the form of the V-5, RC211V that has practically worn a hole
atop the MotoGP winner's podium.


If  you've  got  the  merest  pinch of mechanical sense running around your
brain, you just have to split an ear-to-ear grin when you see the new Honda
Ruckus.  This  scooter  fairly drips with personality, and your imagination
immediately   begins  to  work  overtime  dreaming  up  possible  uses  and
applications.  Trips  around  town, wheels for the college campus, a little
runabout on family camping trips-the Ruckus can do it all.

AquaTrax R-12X

Leave  it  to  Honda  to  come  up  with  the  world's first two-passenger,
intercooled,  turbocharged,  four-stroke, personal watercraft. The AquaTrax
R-12X  follows  in  the  footsteps  of  the AquaTrax F-12X, and carries the
promise of one of the most agile and stable hull designs imaginable.

For  sport-minded  riders, the 2003 AquaTrax R-12X is going to set new--and
higher--levels of performance that will take the market by storm.

2004 New Model Preview

Valkyrie Rune

Do  you remember the T2 concept bike Honda revealed in the March/April 2001
issue  of  Honda  Red  Rider?  Essentially,  the Valkyrie Rune takes the T2
concept  to  the production line, and will be available in limited numbers.
The  Valkyrie  Rune incorporates a unique diamond-shaped aluminum frame for
robust strength along with light weight, plus a fuel-injected 1832cc engine
based  on  the  GL1800  power  plant. Before you think the Valkyrie Rune is
merely  a  hot-rod  exercise  in  radical  style, take a look at the bike's
innovative suspension systems.

Meanwhile,  styling  element  after styling element tears at your eyeballs,
vying  for  attention.  Where  to look? At the chromed cylinder head covers
evocative   of   muscle   car  hardware?  The  gorgeous,  smoothly  flowing
six-into-two  exhaust  system  so  artfully sculpted into place? The brawny
disc  brakes,  which are the largest ever mounted on a Honda motorcycle? Or
how  about the gracefully flowing lines of the neo/retro low-slung bodywork
with  the  solo  seat that beckons you to slide aboard for the ride of your

The Valkyrie Rune redefines the ultimate performance custom.


The  new-for-2004  VTX1300C  capitalizes on its forerunners' success in two
different  areas:  the mechanical soundness and fine overall balance of the
recently introduced VTX1300, plus the muscular hot-rod styling treatment of
the original VTX1800C.


Honda,  the  undisputed  leader  in  four-stroke  Performance  First power,
introduces the latest innovation in no-compromise motocross race bikes: the
all-new   2004   CRF250R.   Hot  on  the  heels  of  the  race-winning  and
award-winning  CRF450R,  this  new  all-out racer will dominate 125cc-class
competition alongside the CR125R.

Whether  you're a Veteran Class racer looking for the inherent advantage of
a broad four-stroke power delivery or you're a young gun seeking a traction
advantage in the ultra-demanding 125 class, with the new 2004 Honda CRF250R
you'll dust the guys who aren't Riding Red.


Take  what  is  basically  the  all-new  CRF250R  and  put  a button on the
handlebar  that's  connected  to  a lightweight, electric starter. That's a
sure-fire  formula  for  building  the  most serious off-road motorcycle to
enter  the  dirt market in a long, long time. Meet the brand-new CRF250X: X
marks  the spot where you'll find a full-on, competition-oriented, off-road
machine, coming from Honda.

FourTrax Rancher AT

Just  because  the  FourTrax  Rancher  has been the best all-around ATV the
world  over  for years doesn't mean Honda's hard-working engineers couldn't
carve  out a little room for improvement. So 2003 brings the new 2004 Honda
FourTrax  Rancher  AT  with  redesigned  styling,  a  larger  engine  and a
next-generation successor to the legendary HFT automatic transmission, plus
an optional version with GPSCAPE®, a GPS unit to ease navigation chores.

About Honda

American Honda Motor Co., Inc. is the sole distributor of Honda
motorcycles, scooters, ATVs and personal watercraft in the U.S. American
Honda's Motorcycle Division conducts the sales, marketing, and operational
activities for these products through Honda authorized dealers. For further
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