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Vehicles Sold In Korea This Year Average 3.1 Defects

Kim Ki-tae writing for tthe Kprea Times reported that drivers who purchased new cars this year experienced an average 3.1 incidents for complaint with their vehicles.

Based on a survey of 150,000 people conducted online with 10,296 respondents, recreational vehicle (RV) drivers experienced an average 3.51 problems and passenger car drivers suffered an average 2.72 failings over the last eight months.

Local automobile market consultant F-inside and Internet portal Daum Communications between July 13 and August 10

Engine and noise problems were the most common cause for complaint, selected by half of the respondents each. The two complaints combined accounted for one third of the total incidents for complaint among the respondents.

In a breakdown of vehicle classes, the smaller the model, the greater the number of faults, the exception being big luxury sedans.

A mini passenger cars were the most problematic according to the survey, with an average 4.81 faults, followed by light models with 3.5 failures and compact models 2.81.

Medium sized models had an average 2.16 problems reported, the fewest number of all the classes. For the heavy passenger cars, the frequency of complaint rose to 2.81.

Of the local cars, Renault Samsung Motors¡¯ SM5 was reported the most reliable with a mere 1.61 failings during the period.

Some 23.5 percent of the drivers of new vehicles said that there are ``recurring but endurable¡¯¡¯ troubles in their cars.

One out of every eight drivers or 15.2 percent, had complained directly to the automakers about the vehicle problems.

Almost the same proportion of drivers, 14.4 percent, had already taken their cars to automaker repair centers more than twice, and 14.4 percent had experienced hardship from unexpected breakdowns.

About 10.3 percent of them said that they would dissuade other people from purchasing the same model as theirs.

The survey revealed the SM5 and Kia Carstar to be the most satisfactory passenger and RV vehicles each in terms of reliability and build quality.