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Stanadyne Corporation Releases New Test Data for Diesel Fuel Additive

    HARTFORD, Conn.--May 7, 2002-- Stanadyne Corporation's Power Products Division has released a new brochure detailing the proven performance and protection benefits of Stanadyne Performance Formula(R) diesel fuel additive, announced Simon Garner, director, sales and marketing.
    The brochure presents various independent test results on Performance Formula, as well as approvals from diesel engine and vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for Stanadyne's premium additive product, Garner said.
    "The need for high quality, well-engineered diesel fuel additives has never been greater or more important," Garner asserted. "Careful conditioning of diesel fuel is the only way owners and operators of diesel driven vehicles and equipment can ensure the optimal protection and performance of their engines." Garner cited low and inconsistent diesel fuel quality, more stringent government emissions standards, and the increased demands of today's high-precision diesel engines for cleaner fuel as key issues underlying the need for additives.
    Stanadyne additives provide cold and hot weather protection; increase horsepower and improve fuel economy; lubricate and reduce wear of injectors and other critical components; clean and prevent deposit buildup; reduce smoke and particulate emissions; help remove water; fight rust and corrosion; and upgrade and stabilize fuel, among other benefits.
    "Over the last ten years or so, Performance Formula has been tested and evaluated by various OEMs, respected testing laboratories, and independent diesel fuel experts," commented Garner. "Our customers have trusted and relied upon PF for years to protect their engines and increase engine performance. This new brochure provides solid evidence and test results that show how regular use of Performance Formula can help protect the fuel system, increase engine performance and efficiency, and benefit the environment."
    While there are dozens of diesel fuel additive brands on the market today, Garner notes that Stanadyne Performance Formula is the only one that:

- Is made by a fuel injection systems manufacturer (Stanadyne is a major supplier of original equipment diesel fuel systems).
- Has been approved by diesel engine and vehicle OEMs including Ford, Navistar, GM, John Deere, VW and others.
- Performed best in independent testing conducted by Southwest Research Laboratories of 10 top-selling additive brands.

    In addition to Performance Formula--Stanadyne's premium multi-function, all-season diesel fuel additive--the company also makes three other diesel fuel additive products designed to address specific needs. They are Performance Formula(R) Junior (a lower cost, warm-weather alternative to Performance Formula), Winter 1000(R), and Lubricity Formula(TM).
    To obtain a copy of this new brochure and other Stanadyne diesel fuel additive literature, call 1-800-842-2496 or visit

    Stanadyne Corporation is a leading manufacturer of diesel fuel injection and filtration systems for the automotive, construction, industrial and agricultural vehicle and equipment markets, and supplies gasoline engine components to major automakers. The company, which has a worldwide network of some 1,200 sales and service agencies, is the only leading manufacturer of diesel fuel pumps and injectors to market its own diesel fuel conditioners.