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New Rollover Ratings and New Crash Test Results From NHTSA

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's (NHTSA) latest rollover resistance ratings and crash test results are now available below.

This information is for 2002 model year vehicles.

For rollover resistance, the Ford Focus four-door wagon, Ford Taurus four-door wagon, Mercury Sable four-door wagon, Subaru Legacy four-door sedan, Subaru Legacy four- door wagon, Volkswagen Jetta four-door wagon, Acura MDX 4x4 four-door utility, Chevrolet Tracker 4x2 two-door utility, Chevrolet Tracker 4x4 two-door utility, Suzuki Vitara 4x2 two-door utility, Suzuki Vitara 4x4 two-door utility, Dodge Dakota 4x2 four-door pickup, Dodge Dakota 4x4 four-door pickup, Ford F150 extended cab 4x2 pickup, and the Ford F150 extended cab 4x4 pickup are rated.

For frontal impact, the Hyundai Accent four-door sedan, Kia Rio four-door sedan, Cadillac Escalade EXT 4x4 four-door utility, Chevrolet Avalanche 4x4 four-door utility, Chevrolet Blazer 4x4 two-door utility and the Kia Sedona van are rated.

For side impact, the Chevrolet Malibu four-door sedan, Lexus ES300 four-door sedan, Saturn L100 four-door sedan, Acura MDX 4x4 four-door utility, Chevrolet Trailblazer 4x4 four-door utility, GMC Envoy 4x4 four-door utility, Jeep Liberty 4x4 four-door utility, Oldsmobile Bravada 4x4 four-door utility, Toyota RAV4 4x4 four-door utility, and the Kia Sedona van are rated.

For rollover resistance, frontal impact, and side impact, the New Car Assessment Program (NCAP) reports rollover resistance ratings and crash test results in a range of one to five stars, with five stars showing the best safety protection for vehicles. Frontal tests should be compared only within the same weight class.

A fact sheet, containing explanatory information and tables showing NCAP rollover resistance ratings and crash tests results for model year 2002 vehicles, are available by calling the NHTSA Office of Public and Consumer Affairs, 202-366-9550; the Auto Safety Hotline, 1-888-327-4236; or by writing to NHTSA Public Affairs, Room 5232, 400 Seventh St., S.W., Washington, D.C. 20590. The rollover resistance ratings and crash test information are available at NHTSA's web site by clicking on "Crash Tests" under "Popular Information" in the index on the left side of the screen.

New Rollover Ratings and New Crash Test Results


Make and Model Size Class Curb Frontal Frontal Side Side Rollover
    Weight (lbs) Driver Passenger Driver Passenger Rating
Acura MDX 4-DR. 4x4 w/SABSUV4394TBTTBT554
Cadillac Escalade EXT 4-DR. 4x4 w/SABSUV575834No TestNo TestTBR
Chevrolet Avalanche 4-DR. 4x4 w/SABSUV 575834No TestNo TestTBR
Chevrolet Blazer 2-DR. 4x4SUV418234No TestNo TestTBR
Chevrolet Malibu 4-DR.Medium30544434TBR
Chevrolet Tracker 2-DR. 4x2SUV2694No TestNo TestNo TestNo Test3
Chevrolet Tracker 2-DR. 4x4SUV2810No TestNo Test453
Chevrolet Trailblazer 4-DR. 4x4 w/SABSUV4704TBTTBT55 3
Dodge Dakota 4-DR. Cab 4x2Pickup4196445 53
Dodge Dakota 4-DR. Cab 4x4Pickup4616No TestNo Test No TestNo Test3
Ford F-150 Extended Cab 4x2>Pickup438845553
Ford F-150 Extended Cab 4x4Pickup5010 No TestNo TestNo TestNo Test3
Ford Focus Wagon 4-DR. Compact 2784TBTTBT344
Ford Taurus Wagon 4-DR.Medium 339355No TestNo Test4
GMC Envoy 4-DR. 4x4 w/SABSUV4704TBTTBT553
Hyundai Accent 4- DR.Light 245844324
Jeep Liberty 4-DR. 4x4SUV4067TBTTBT552
Kia Rio 4-DR.Light24444433TBR
Kia Sedona VanVan47025555TBR
Lexus ES300 4-DR. w/SABMedium3456TBTTBT54TBR
Mercury Sable Wagon 4-DR. Medium 339355No TestNo Test4
Oldsmobile Bravada 4-DR. 4x4 w/SABSUV4704TBT TBT553
Saturn L 100 4-DR.Compact29434535TBR
Subaru Legacy 4-DR.Medium3275TBTTBTNo TestNo Test4
Subaru Legacy Wagon 4-DR.Medium3368TBTTBTNo TestNo Test4
Suzuki Vitara 2-DR. 4x2SUV2694 No TestNo TestNo TestNo Test3
Suzuki Vitara 2-DR. 4x4SUV2661No TestNo Test 453
Toyota RAV4 4-DR. 4x4SUV307244553
Volkswagen Jetta Wagon 4-DR. w/SABCompact 29345 5No TestNo Test4

TBT = To Be Tested
TBR = To Be Rated
SAB = Side Air Bag


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