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Tokyo Motor Show: ''Go Farther. -farther than anyone else'' Isuzu's new concepts for ''the future of the SUV''

TOKYO--Nov. 4, 2001--The Motor Show has entered its final stage.

The weather changed from cloudy to rainy today, but it was still holiday weekend, and it set the highest for this year's show with more than 180,000 visitors recorded. People of all ages visited, including many families. Recent years have witnessed an expansion in the ``welfare'' vehicles market as the population ages and higher degrees of social welfare are provided, and perhaps that is why this year's show has seen a significant number of senior citizens and people in wheelchairs among the guests, a new and encouraging trend.

``Go Farther. -farther than anyone else''

Isuzu's new concepts for ``the future of the SUV''

The GM group, including partners Fuji Heavy Industries and Suzuki, occupies most of the East Hall. Isuzu has its booth in one corner, and has managed to squeeze in 8 SUVs.

They are wider and taller than normal sedans, and you can see them from a long way off, their ``powerful'' designs expressing new concepts and ideas for the genre.

Isuzu's theme this year is ``Go Farther. -farther than anyone else,'' and its 4 distinctive concept cars will propel you forward into the new world of the SUV.

Don't forget to check out the technology corner at this booth. Isuzu has its ``Next-generation ultra-clean diesel engine'' on display. The engines will easily clear the next European diesel engine emission standards scheduled for introduction around 2005. Isuzu is a company that takes environment and pollution seriously and has produced meaningful results in this area.

Sharing space with visitors ``The GM Experience''

The GM booth features that ever-popular symbol of the American automobile, the luxury sedan. As you enter the black and silver booth, you'll see the ``Seville STS'' and the ``DeVille DHS,'' but what really catches the eye is the ``Cadillac Vizon.'' The edges are stronger and the car has a more powerful feeling, while still retaining its Cadillac classiness. American cars tend to keep the same chassis and change only the exterior, but the ``Cadillac CTS'' is a completely new development. Its square, progressive styling and unusually small size (4840 mm total length) for a Cadillac have attracted a great deal of interest and comment among visitors, many of whom ponder the possibility that the Cadillac brand could be with in reach. This is certain to be a much-anticipated launch.