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Pennzoil Introduces The Outlaw Maximum Performance Octane Booster

    HOUSTON, Aug. 28 The Outlaw(R) Maximum Performance Octane
Booster from Pennzoil(R) proves that sometimes you subtract by adding.
    Add a canister of this exciting new product to each tank of gas, and you
help subtract knocking and pinging from engine performance.  Just in time for
Labor Day road trips, this new member of The Outlaw(R) family of performance
additives also helps reduce emissions while maintaining mileage.

    This product contains agents so powerful that they're barely street-legal.
The Outlaw(R) Maximum Performance Octane Booster composition includes a
maximum concentration of MMT, one of the most effective octane boosters.

    The product could not be easier to use.  It comes in a lightweight four-
pack.  Each screw-top canister treats up to 20 gallons of gasoline.  The
octane booster works on gasoline in the tank and should be used before filling

    Pennzoil designed the new product for the driver who insists on keeping an
engine performing as it was designed and built to perform, regardless of the
vehicle's age.

    A driver who wants to ride on the edge will find The Outlaw(R) Maximum
Performance Octane Booster keeps engines on that edge.  It's a member of The
Outlaw(R) family, which offers some of today's most highly concentrated, high-
quality fuel additives.  The family includes The Outlaw(R) Super Concentrated
Gas Treatment, Fuel Injection Cleaner, Octane Booster, Fuel System Treatment
(a powerful, multi-function maintenance product) and Racing Formula.